New Project!

Hi folks,

Just started playing again the past few days.

I’ve been considering doing some of the projects I’ve done on this blog, such as starting a fresh character and documenting how I go about making isk. But the real reason I’ve started playing again is that I’ve been working a lot with Amazon Web Services for work and it solves one of my issues with building any kind of nice set of tools – hosting is a pain, expensive(potentially) and I’m a bit of a control freak so I wasn’t prepared to do it without direct access to the server myself.

All in all, too much of a pain to bother doing for something with questionable amounts of gains of virtual money.

But now it’s more appealing for a couple of reasons:

  • I can refresh my skills at programming, which have atrophied over the years.
  • I can gain more familiarity using AWS. I’m pursuing certifications around AWS so this is useful for my career.
  • I can learn Java, which I’d like to know well to do mobile app development for Android.

The upside for you? I’m going to document the process like I’ve done with other projects in the past. If you have an inclination to take the API data from Eve Online and craft your own tools to provide you with specific information that no-one else has the toolset to acquire, you might be interested in following this as it progresses.

Otherwise I need to get to grips with all the patch changes since I last played, and figure out what I want to do. When I left I was a bit bored out in nullsec, so I might look for a new direction.