I’m back

Hi folks,

I’ve been playing again these last few months after leaving New Eden for a while, after my father passed away.

During my absence I played skill queue online, updating my skills every so often and paying for my accounts with plex purchased with isk. This has reduced my net worth considerably.

Currently I’m making enough isk with the following:

  • My invention corp in highsec, which has 4 characters producing t2 with 10 slots each. This is nice, steady, low risk, low investment income. It makes me about 1b per character per month, on an average earn of 200k isk per slot @ 66% efficiency. The efficiency is low to take into account wasted time from unoccupied slots. I do some t1 production as well where I have slots available and it is profitable.
  • I have 10 characters in a remote area of null doing PI. Run properly it makes me 18m per character per day, or 560m per character per month. It is a bit fiddly and click intensive, which makes me less inclined to do it. Combined with invention, I’m getting a lot of click fatigue.
  • I purchased a slightly pimped out Vindicator for ratting in Forsaken Hubs in Guristas nullsec, which earns me 45-60m bounty ticks before taxes plus loot and salvage. This is nice for making isk when my marketeering/manufacturing/planetary interaction is sorted for the day.
  • My partnership running 5 reaction towers, producing intermediate products like nanotransistors.

I am doing no trading of any sort right now, with the exception of selling my manufactured goods.

An example of a good day's manufacturing prospects.

An example of a good day’s manufacturing prospects.

This projects are slowly building my net worth back up. I have a few billion spare I can put towards new projects, and here is what I am considering:

  • Seeding the main market hub of my alliance, Gentlemen’s Agreement with goods.
  • Setting up a blueprint seeding project, moving BPOs to market hubs and selling them there.
  • Setting up a skillbook seeding project, moving skillbooks from schools to market hubs and selling them there.
  • Buy a Machariel.
  • Go back into station trading, which I loathe.

These options each have good points going for them.

  • Seeding a market hub is beneficial to my alliance.
  • Blueprint seeding is a simple business with good margins
  • Skillbook seeding is also a simple business with good margins.
  • Machariels are fun, and using one for exploration sidestep’s my corp tax which is rather high.
  • Station trading is rather profitable and easy to liquidate out of.

I’m going to chew the fat for a few days and pick a couple of these, and move into business with them after I’ve set up my spreadsheets and maybe code some tools to work with the project. I expect to get started around the 22nd, conveniently after Burn Jita 2.