So now I’m the CEO of the 2nd biggest independent corp in New Eden

Update: Apparently we’re the largest FW entity


Sam Sabre, the founder of Fweddit stepped down yesterday and passed the CEO position to me, with the support of the director group. So now I’m the CEO of the second biggest independent corp, and fastest growing corp in Eve.

Shit. I think this calls for me to bring out an old image macro I used on a previous post:

Well, I have some idea. I’ve spent a few years now seeing amazing CEOs in action, so I’m going to do my best to emulate them and help steer Fweddit into being extremely effective.

On that note, I’m going to put the blog on hold for the next two weeks. I have fleet doctrines to finalise, a campaign to announce and run, and a million fires to put out… and finish coding stuff for our comms. I’ll take notes for the blog for when I have the time to come back, so hopefully I’ll have some great content then.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and if you have an active Reddit account, come check out Fweddit!


Getting into FW, and Fweddit

I really should have written this a week ago, but I’ve been busy. I’m writing it from a historical perspective


So based on feedback from previous blog post comments, I have decided to move into Faction Warfare with Hylora. The 2nd most popular request was exploration, and I’ll be doing that too to make some isk when needed. Exploration skills will also be nice for probing out people in Faction Warfare, I suspect.

I did some redditing on the Eve subreddit, reading up about FW and trying to learn about who is involved in it. The Eve subreddit is a great source for eve related info, and discussion. I love it.

Anyway, FW was getting considerable buzz on Reddit, and the wider internet. Then this happened.

And so Fweddit was born. I jumped in and set up the Fweddit subreddit, made corp founder and the guy who proposed the idea a mod, and jumped in with Hylora and joined the corp. Why? Well, I reddit a lot and would love to fly with other redditors, but I don’t want to join TEST. Secondly, a new corp of people who know little about FW but are very interested in FW is a great place for me to learn. I don’t want to gang with snobby bittervets who are disinclined with teaching less experienced players. Also, I can be an asset with my moderate knowledge of Eve in educating newer players than I. It seems a good fit.

For helping organising I was offered a directorship, and I accepted. Then I realised I bit off a little more than I can chew. I volunteered to set up the comms and other infrastructure for the corp, which is a bigger undertaking than I was thinking. Setting up a killboard, forum, jabber, mumble and the auth for all of it is a lot of work, and while I work in a technical field I haven’t been on the coal face for a few years. I’m over 30 now and have been managing for a few years now, and my code/sysadmin skills have atrophied. Still, one can rise to the challenge.

I had intended to blog in this week’s grace, I had between the the time I joined the corp, and the launch of the new FW changes. I was going to write about the old system and how it worked. I was going to write about the new system, and how LP and killmails will rain from the sky like so much ambrosia.

But instead, this is what I was doing for the week.

Oh well, such is life.