2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 160,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Livestreaming Diablo 3

Hi guys,

I’ll be marathoning Diablo 3 tonight with my mates, and livestreaming the lot of it. The feed is live now if anyone would like to watch.

Further, I’m starting a Diablo 3 economic blog called Diabolic Capitalism. I’ll post about it when my hosting is finally setup properly.

Edit: I’m not actually in yet, so I’m just dicking around on Hylora with career agents, to gain faction standing.


Future plans for the blog

Sorry about the lack of updates for the past week, I’ve been away. 

I’m a bit bored with Vincent right now. He’s grinding away, making a percentage retailing. I’m training Tycoon 4 on him right now, which is the last skill that I really need. 

I could train up to fly a freighter, but I like outsourcing to Push Industries for two reasons:

  1. It externalises the risk
  2. it externalises the boredom

I’m going to move forward with my plan to start a new Full Disclosure character soon, and scale back on the Vincent updates. I’ll be continuing to make isk on him, but I will be scaling back the posts I make about trading as a profession. New techniques and market movements will be covered, of course.

The new character will be flying Amarrian ships, to educate myself on them and their capabilities first hand. It will be focusing on one of the following careers:

  • Exploration
  • Faction Warfare
  • NPC Nullsec living
  • Sovereign Nullsec living

I’ve already started the character. She is Vincent’s distant Amarrian cousin, Hylora Trevane.


I’ve done some basic skills with her already, 1.4m skillpoints in being able to fly Amarrian ships up to Cruisers. Her net worth is about 20m isk, from basic missions. 

If you want some kind of say in what you’d like to see, post in the comments.


Great coverage of the Burn Jita event, its outcomes and the butchers bill.

The Ancient Gaming Noob

We’ll beat the bailiffs out of fun,
We’ll make the mayor and sheriffs run
We are the boys no man dares dun
If he regards a whole skin.

-Verse from the Garryowen, a traditional Irish air

The “Burn Jita” event is officially over.

The thing about an event like “Burn Jita” is that it lacks any real, concrete goals.

Nobody, aside from the devs at CCP, can actually “burn” Jita.  Likewise, there is nothing any player can do to “save” Jita either.  Jita is a static element of virtual universe.  Players in the game have no ability to affect the virtual manifestation of the location in EVE Online known as Jita.  You cannot actually burn Jita.

So for the event, you can pretty much craft your own victory conditions.

Certainly The Mittani, back from his ban, is claiming total victory.  But his victory is a macro-economic victory bound…

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WordPress is idiotic

I just bought fulldisclosu.re, to point to this blog. WordPress only allows .com, .net and .org… What a bloody stupid restriction. It has no basis as far as I can tell.

So I’ll be moving blog hosts. Does anyone have any suggestions as to better hosts?