New Project!

Hi folks,

Just started playing again the past few days.

I’ve been considering doing some of the projects I’ve done on this blog, such as starting a fresh character and documenting how I go about making isk. But the real reason I’ve started playing again is that I’ve been working a lot with Amazon Web Services for work and it solves one of my issues with building any kind of nice set of tools – hosting is a pain, expensive(potentially) and I’m a bit of a control freak so I wasn’t prepared to do it without direct access to the server myself.

All in all, too much of a pain to bother doing for something with questionable amounts of gains of virtual money.

But now it’s more appealing for a couple of reasons:

  • I can refresh my skills at programming, which have atrophied over the years.
  • I can gain more familiarity using AWS. I’m pursuing certifications around AWS so this is useful for my career.
  • I can learn Java, which I’d like to know well to do mobile app development for Android.

The upside for you? I’m going to document the process like I’ve done with other projects in the past. If you have an inclination to take the API data from Eve Online and craft your own tools to provide you with specific information that no-one else has the toolset to acquire, you might be interested in following this as it progresses.

Otherwise I need to get to grips with all the patch changes since I last played, and figure out what I want to do. When I left I was a bit bored out in nullsec, so I might look for a new direction.



I’m back

Hi folks,

I’ve been playing again these last few months after leaving New Eden for a while, after my father passed away.

During my absence I played skill queue online, updating my skills every so often and paying for my accounts with plex purchased with isk. This has reduced my net worth considerably.

Currently I’m making enough isk with the following:

  • My invention corp in highsec, which has 4 characters producing t2 with 10 slots each. This is nice, steady, low risk, low investment income. It makes me about 1b per character per month, on an average earn of 200k isk per slot @ 66% efficiency. The efficiency is low to take into account wasted time from unoccupied slots. I do some t1 production as well where I have slots available and it is profitable.
  • I have 10 characters in a remote area of null doing PI. Run properly it makes me 18m per character per day, or 560m per character per month. It is a bit fiddly and click intensive, which makes me less inclined to do it. Combined with invention, I’m getting a lot of click fatigue.
  • I purchased a slightly pimped out Vindicator for ratting in Forsaken Hubs in Guristas nullsec, which earns me 45-60m bounty ticks before taxes plus loot and salvage. This is nice for making isk when my marketeering/manufacturing/planetary interaction is sorted for the day.
  • My partnership running 5 reaction towers, producing intermediate products like nanotransistors.

I am doing no trading of any sort right now, with the exception of selling my manufactured goods.

An example of a good day's manufacturing prospects.

An example of a good day’s manufacturing prospects.

This projects are slowly building my net worth back up. I have a few billion spare I can put towards new projects, and here is what I am considering:

  • Seeding the main market hub of my alliance, Gentlemen’s Agreement with goods.
  • Setting up a blueprint seeding project, moving BPOs to market hubs and selling them there.
  • Setting up a skillbook seeding project, moving skillbooks from schools to market hubs and selling them there.
  • Buy a Machariel.
  • Go back into station trading, which I loathe.

These options each have good points going for them.

  • Seeding a market hub is beneficial to my alliance.
  • Blueprint seeding is a simple business with good margins
  • Skillbook seeding is also a simple business with good margins.
  • Machariels are fun, and using one for exploration sidestep’s my corp tax which is rather high.
  • Station trading is rather profitable and easy to liquidate out of.

I’m going to chew the fat for a few days and pick a couple of these, and move into business with them after I’ve set up my spreadsheets and maybe code some tools to work with the project. I expect to get started around the 22nd, conveniently after Burn Jita 2.

So now I’m the CEO of the 2nd biggest independent corp in New Eden

Update: Apparently we’re the largest FW entity


Sam Sabre, the founder of Fweddit stepped down yesterday and passed the CEO position to me, with the support of the director group. So now I’m the CEO of the second biggest independent corp, and fastest growing corp in Eve.

Shit. I think this calls for me to bring out an old image macro I used on a previous post:

Well, I have some idea. I’ve spent a few years now seeing amazing CEOs in action, so I’m going to do my best to emulate them and help steer Fweddit into being extremely effective.

On that note, I’m going to put the blog on hold for the next two weeks. I have fleet doctrines to finalise, a campaign to announce and run, and a million fires to put out… and finish coding stuff for our comms. I’ll take notes for the blog for when I have the time to come back, so hopefully I’ll have some great content then.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and if you have an active Reddit account, come check out Fweddit!


Theoretical Diablo Blogging

It’s pretty hard to blog about Diablo 3 when you can’t log in to the servers.

I never thought I’d say this, but CCP is really showing Blizzard how to do server stability… I know Diablo 3 is a bigger game, but they fail like this at every game release.

Initially I was a bit disappointed with Diablo 3. It didn’t grab me immediately like D2 did. The act design is very similar to  d2. But then, I got a bit further and saw how it shines.

I’ve been mainly playing a witch doctor. My mates who I play with have been far more successful than me in finding time to play, so they were 5-6 levels ahead of me. I joined them in an area that was really far out of my league, and struggled to stay alive and provide some use to the party.

But then I had a look into my skills, to see what I could do. Instead of focusing on damage, I aimed to bring crowd control to make life easier for the other guys. I built this build.

Basically, my primary skill (left click) is Corpse Spiders, which throws vases that explode into swarms of spiders. These serve to pin down mobs. My secondary skill (right click) is Grasp of the Dead, a large AOE that slows mobs down considerably. My defensive skill is Horrify, an AOE fear, which I use by running in on them and making them all run around like idiots while my group dps’ them down. After that I have a self buff skill, a long range heavy nuke, and a big pet dude to help tank.

So all in all I got a bunch of useful tools to help the group. But then a few more runes unlocked, and I came across another combination – the witch doctor healer. I took zombie dogs with the rune where they drop health orbs when they die, sacrifice to blow up the dogs and get their orbs on demand, the circle of life passive to get free zombie dogs. This usually means as soon as something nasty hits the group, the dogs die and everything gets healed. I just stand near the action and vomit plague toads at anything that moves.

The skill system in D3 has really won me over with its flexibility. I’ve tried out about a dozen viable playstyles so far on just witch doctor alone, and it has been great doing it.

Now hopefully the servers come back up soon and I can get back to it.


Hulkageddon is srs bzns

Totally unrelated to the srs bzns podcast, which is great by the way. Blackhuey, I demand more casts!

Helicity Boson recently posted about the affects of Hulkageddon so far, including the death threats he’s received. I know Eve is about serious internet spaceships… but that is going too damn far.

To date, the Hulkageddon campaign has downed 5000 mining vessels and done 1 trillion isk worth of direct damage to the Eve economy. That is only direct damage however, the further consequences of Hulkageddon are more than just a bunch of destroyed hulks and destroyers. Firstly, you have the miners who didn’t undock, or got discouraged by gankers from undocking and stayed docked after that. These guys aren’t raking in the veldspar like they usually are…

A ~46% reduction in ores mined in highsec is HUGE. That said, there still must be a ton of mining going on, as highsec has about 1.5b m3 mined from it daily.

Clearly there are still plenty of hulks out there for the taking.

So, there has been 1t worth of minerals in hulk and orca form blown up in New Eden lately. On top of that, mining outputs in highsec have almost dropped by half. This means there are a great deal less minerals coming into New Eden right now, and a lot of them have exited the game in wreck form, reducing the total amount.

Typically, I would say this means it is a great time to invest in minerals, however there is a ton of volatility in the market right now due to players who speculated in the market dumping their stock in a panic. There is likely considerable amounts of isk to be made flipping minerals, and that is what I’ve been doing rather than investing in minerals. Investing would potentially grant higher returns, but I’m not sure which way the market is heading so I’ll take the easy buck rather than the risky one right now.


Decisions on my future plans

So, continuing my last post on where to take the blog next, I’ve made the following decisions.

The vast majority of feedback was to either do exploration or faction warfare. So, this got me thinking… Exploration or FW, exploration or fw… hmmm…

Every pvp character needs a way of making isk, and exploration is a great way to do that. Further, exploration skills will be useful in hunting down other players in FW space, so this is a no brainer really.

Ultimately, I want to do FW in Amarr ships for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most of my pvp experience is in fleet fights, which is more or less nothing. This means I am likely terrible, and have much room to improve.
  2. I know very little about Amarr ships except that they are gorgeous and fire lazors. It is the last race that I’m not intimately familiar with, so I’d like to fill this big hole of ignorance that I have.
  3. I don’t want to be yet another guy in a rifter.

Redditors are starting a neutral FW corp called Fweddit. I’ll probably end up there, unless I get a better offer. It is still early days but it is looking like they will align with the Amarrians, which is what I’m hoping for. AMARR VICTOR!

Hylora is just sitting around at the moment looking pretty and gaining SP:

Oh so pretty

So I’m going to start some basic exploration with her soon, to raise some iskies.

My skillplan is to be able to fly Amarrian t1 fit frigate, cruiser and battlecruisers, get Core Competency Standard, then go back and t2 fit frigates, then assault frigates and work up from there.  I’ll have to fit exploration skills in there somewhere, which will grow based on need I think.

V (or should it now be H?!)