Theoretical Diablo Blogging

It’s pretty hard to blog about Diablo 3 when you can’t log in to the servers.

I never thought I’d say this, but CCP is really showing Blizzard how to do server stability… I know Diablo 3 is a bigger game, but they fail like this at every game release.

Initially I was a bit disappointed with Diablo 3. It didn’t grab me immediately like D2 did. The act design is very similar to  d2. But then, I got a bit further and saw how it shines.

I’ve been mainly playing a witch doctor. My mates who I play with have been far more successful than me in finding time to play, so they were 5-6 levels ahead of me. I joined them in an area that was really far out of my league, and struggled to stay alive and provide some use to the party.

But then I had a look into my skills, to see what I could do. Instead of focusing on damage, I aimed to bring crowd control to make life easier for the other guys. I built this build.

Basically, my primary skill (left click) is Corpse Spiders, which throws vases that explode into swarms of spiders. These serve to pin down mobs. My secondary skill (right click) is Grasp of the Dead, a large AOE that slows mobs down considerably. My defensive skill is Horrify, an AOE fear, which I use by running in on them and making them all run around like idiots while my group dps’ them down. After that I have a self buff skill, a long range heavy nuke, and a big pet dude to help tank.

So all in all I got a bunch of useful tools to help the group. But then a few more runes unlocked, and I came across another combination – the witch doctor healer. I took zombie dogs with the rune where they drop health orbs when they die, sacrifice to blow up the dogs and get their orbs on demand, the circle of life passive to get free zombie dogs. This usually means as soon as something nasty hits the group, the dogs die and everything gets healed. I just stand near the action and vomit plague toads at anything that moves.

The skill system in D3 has really won me over with its flexibility. I’ve tried out about a dozen viable playstyles so far on just witch doctor alone, and it has been great doing it.

Now hopefully the servers come back up soon and I can get back to it.



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