Hulkageddon is srs bzns

Totally unrelated to the srs bzns podcast, which is great by the way. Blackhuey, I demand more casts!

Helicity Boson recently posted about the affects of Hulkageddon so far, including the death threats he’s received. I know Eve is about serious internet spaceships… but that is going too damn far.

To date, the Hulkageddon campaign has downed 5000 mining vessels and done 1 trillion isk worth of direct damage to the Eve economy. That is only direct damage however, the further consequences of Hulkageddon are more than just a bunch of destroyed hulks and destroyers. Firstly, you have the miners who didn’t undock, or got discouraged by gankers from undocking and stayed docked after that. These guys aren’t raking in the veldspar like they usually are…

A ~46% reduction in ores mined in highsec is HUGE. That said, there still must be a ton of mining going on, as highsec has about 1.5b m3 mined from it daily.

Clearly there are still plenty of hulks out there for the taking.

So, there has been 1t worth of minerals in hulk and orca form blown up in New Eden lately. On top of that, mining outputs in highsec have almost dropped by half. This means there are a great deal less minerals coming into New Eden right now, and a lot of them have exited the game in wreck form, reducing the total amount.

Typically, I would say this means it is a great time to invest in minerals, however there is a ton of volatility in the market right now due to players who speculated in the market dumping their stock in a panic. There is likely considerable amounts of isk to be made flipping minerals, and that is what I’ve been doing rather than investing in minerals. Investing would potentially grant higher returns, but I’m not sure which way the market is heading so I’ll take the easy buck rather than the risky one right now.



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