Decisions on my future plans

So, continuing my last post on where to take the blog next, I’ve made the following decisions.

The vast majority of feedback was to either do exploration or faction warfare. So, this got me thinking… Exploration or FW, exploration or fw… hmmm…

Every pvp character needs a way of making isk, and exploration is a great way to do that. Further, exploration skills will be useful in hunting down other players in FW space, so this is a no brainer really.

Ultimately, I want to do FW in Amarr ships for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most of my pvp experience is in fleet fights, which is more or less nothing. This means I am likely terrible, and have much room to improve.
  2. I know very little about Amarr ships except that they are gorgeous and fire lazors. It is the last race that I’m not intimately familiar with, so I’d like to fill this big hole of ignorance that I have.
  3. I don’t want to be yet another guy in a rifter.

Redditors are starting a neutral FW corp called Fweddit. I’ll probably end up there, unless I get a better offer. It is still early days but it is looking like they will align with the Amarrians, which is what I’m hoping for. AMARR VICTOR!

Hylora is just sitting around at the moment looking pretty and gaining SP:

Oh so pretty

So I’m going to start some basic exploration with her soon, to raise some iskies.

My skillplan is to be able to fly Amarrian t1 fit frigate, cruiser and battlecruisers, get Core Competency Standard, then go back and t2 fit frigates, then assault frigates and work up from there.  I’ll have to fit exploration skills in there somewhere, which will grow based on need I think.

V (or should it now be H?!)


5 thoughts on “Decisions on my future plans

  1. I’m anything but a good PvPer, but there are a few things I did learn about Amarr ships. Primarily, that they require a decent amount of player skill, and need a wingman to really shine. While the Frigates and Cruisers are not much to boast about, the Harbinger and the battleships are nothing to be sneezed at.

    And if you go Amarr, learn T2 lasers (well, and cap skills). Scorch gives you a lot of range flexibility with quite decent damage.

  2. I’m looking forward to your post as im Amarr myself and have absolutly no idea what to do ha! Also, what are your plans for the bearforce academy?

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