Future plans for the blog

Sorry about the lack of updates for the past week, I’ve been away. 

I’m a bit bored with Vincent right now. He’s grinding away, making a percentage retailing. I’m training Tycoon 4 on him right now, which is the last skill that I really need. 

I could train up to fly a freighter, but I like outsourcing to Push Industries for two reasons:

  1. It externalises the risk
  2. it externalises the boredom

I’m going to move forward with my plan to start a new Full Disclosure character soon, and scale back on the Vincent updates. I’ll be continuing to make isk on him, but I will be scaling back the posts I make about trading as a profession. New techniques and market movements will be covered, of course.

The new character will be flying Amarrian ships, to educate myself on them and their capabilities first hand. It will be focusing on one of the following careers:

  • Exploration
  • Faction Warfare
  • NPC Nullsec living
  • Sovereign Nullsec living

I’ve already started the character. She is Vincent’s distant Amarrian cousin, Hylora Trevane.


I’ve done some basic skills with her already, 1.4m skillpoints in being able to fly Amarrian ships up to Cruisers. Her net worth is about 20m isk, from basic missions. 

If you want some kind of say in what you’d like to see, post in the comments.



10 thoughts on “Future plans for the blog

  1. My two cents: exploration or faction warfare. With the upcoming changes in faction warfare that might generate more interest.

  2. Yeah since FW is getting some changes probably start with that. as a before and after, and maybe it will bring some life into fw

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  4. FW – it is something that has interested myself but I have no idea where to start at for it, I have been thinking of training myself an alt on my hauler/incursion account just to get my feet wet

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