Inexperienced mineral speculator panic selling

Just a quick note, lots of inexperienced market speculators are panicking over the price of minerals right now and dumping them. Low ball buy orders can make bank today.

More when I’m not posting from my phone…



7 thoughts on “Inexperienced mineral speculator panic selling

  1. This blog is extremely useful. Thank you for sharing your traiding secrets.

    I have a simple question.
    How did you find the good which made you profits?

    Judging from your transaction history, I guess you have made most of the profits by the price differences between Jita and Rens. But, how did you find the differences?
    You used 2 accounts?

    Also, there are risks of price fluctuation at all times. How did you minimize the risks?

    Thanks in advance.

      • Thank you for answering my question.

        EVE Marketeer would not work… and also Eve-Marketdata is not useful if you are a free user. (The route shown by this site is often obsolete. 😦 )
        I still wonder how you find so many goods.

      • @Vincent:
        I keep trying to get myself a spreadsheet up and working with the help of you post back then.
        But my excel skills are so god damn bad, that I can’t even get a single column to work with the code you provided. *shrugs*
        Seems like I need to learn excel first.

        Best is to stick with a market data site you like. Then get the universal uploader to participate in the uploads and all you have to do is to manually go through the goods you want to sell.
        In my eyes the trade routes are nice to see and you can make profits on your hauls to Jita, but if you want to retail you will need to go through the entries by hand.

  2. Expected it would happen. almost been a week since patch, now people want to sell before the market adapts

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