Regifting and you + Eve-Skunk intel leaks

So Eve is about to turn 9, and there are gifts slated to be given away by CCP to every active account when the big day rolls around. The gift packs are as follows:

Players are going to do a few different things with these gifts:

  1. The vast majority are going to sell them directly to the market. Region wide buy orders for the above items will probably net quite a considerable profit, and people trading these in trade hubs are going to see a lot more supply, driving their prices down. This is a nice opportunity to buy them and stockpile, especially for the skillbooks.
  2. They might use them, which means they are going to need items to fit them. This could mean a slight uptick in retail sales.
  3. All of these are mineral fountains, where tons of minerals will be added to the game with no direct cost in player time. This may affect mineral prices negatively, but I doubt the effect will be very noticeable.

I’ve been moving heavily back into retail and now have about 5b in sell orders in Rens. I’ve been getting tired of Rens though. I had an opportunity to do some trading in Co-Processor IIs in Amarr on my alt the other day and I didn’t get undercut in 8 hours. That has never happened to me in Rens, with my massive stockpile of Co-Processor IIs I’m sitting on. I stupidly bought 1000 of them for 900k, which is a good deal but overcommitted me to one item. I’m moving them to Amarr now to see if I can liquidate quickly.

Eve-Skunk was linked on Reddit today. I hadn’t seen this before, but it is a collection of leaked alliance emails, from API keys which have been carelessly configured and used. It is a nice resource for intel for traders, or… anybody. I expect there are a ton of counter-intelligence guys in alliances all over New Eden flipping their shit over this.



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