So now I’m the CEO of the 2nd biggest independent corp in New Eden

Update: Apparently we’re the largest FW entity


Sam Sabre, the founder of Fweddit stepped down yesterday and passed the CEO position to me, with the support of the director group. So now I’m the CEO of the second biggest independent corp, and fastest growing corp in Eve.

Shit. I think this calls for me to bring out an old image macro I used on a previous post:

Well, I have some idea. I’ve spent a few years now seeing amazing CEOs in action, so I’m going to do my best to emulate them and help steer Fweddit into being extremely effective.

On that note, I’m going to put the blog on hold for the next two weeks. I have fleet doctrines to finalise, a campaign to announce and run, and a million fires to put out… and finish coding stuff for our comms. I’ll take notes for the blog for when I have the time to come back, so hopefully I’ll have some great content then.

In the meantime, thanks for reading and if you have an active Reddit account, come check out Fweddit!


Getting into FW, and Fweddit

I really should have written this a week ago, but I’ve been busy. I’m writing it from a historical perspective


So based on feedback from previous blog post comments, I have decided to move into Faction Warfare with Hylora. The 2nd most popular request was exploration, and I’ll be doing that too to make some isk when needed. Exploration skills will also be nice for probing out people in Faction Warfare, I suspect.

I did some redditing on the Eve subreddit, reading up about FW and trying to learn about who is involved in it. The Eve subreddit is a great source for eve related info, and discussion. I love it.

Anyway, FW was getting considerable buzz on Reddit, and the wider internet. Then this happened.

And so Fweddit was born. I jumped in and set up the Fweddit subreddit, made corp founder and the guy who proposed the idea a mod, and jumped in with Hylora and joined the corp. Why? Well, I reddit a lot and would love to fly with other redditors, but I don’t want to join TEST. Secondly, a new corp of people who know little about FW but are very interested in FW is a great place for me to learn. I don’t want to gang with snobby bittervets who are disinclined with teaching less experienced players. Also, I can be an asset with my moderate knowledge of Eve in educating newer players than I. It seems a good fit.

For helping organising I was offered a directorship, and I accepted. Then I realised I bit off a little more than I can chew. I volunteered to set up the comms and other infrastructure for the corp, which is a bigger undertaking than I was thinking. Setting up a killboard, forum, jabber, mumble and the auth for all of it is a lot of work, and while I work in a technical field I haven’t been on the coal face for a few years. I’m over 30 now and have been managing for a few years now, and my code/sysadmin skills have atrophied. Still, one can rise to the challenge.

I had intended to blog in this week’s grace, I had between the the time I joined the corp, and the launch of the new FW changes. I was going to write about the old system and how it worked. I was going to write about the new system, and how LP and killmails will rain from the sky like so much ambrosia.

But instead, this is what I was doing for the week.

Oh well, such is life.


Exploration in FW space

So to pay the bills, I set Hylora up with an Arbitrator to do some exploration in lowsec. After much hemming and hawing on the fit, this is what I came up with:

This isn’t an ideal fit, but it does what I want. I can manage the vast majority of sites without docking to refit, which allows me to operate in hostile territory. It has an MWD, which gets me out of trouble in a lot of ways. If I had better fitting skills I could fit a medium cap booster, but a small is all I can manage so I have to make do. The cap booster does an ok job though, when fitted with navy cap booster 400 charges.

Best of all, it only costs about 19 million isk. I can cover that in a site I reckon, so its a pretty safe investment.

So, I fit it up and headed into space. I moved into the first system, set up a few safe spots, then moved back to the first safe and aligned to the next. This is important as if someone probes me out and I’ve been lazy and haven’t noticed the probes on scan, I’m not sitting at 0 where they warp in. I pulse the MWD to keep my speed up, which keeps me on the move and harder to pin down in case someone does get a fix on me. I’ve only been caught once by a very well piloted interceptor, and due to this technique he landed 40km off me and I was able to warp to my next safe spot before he got within 38km.

I deploy my probes and start probing. I can use 6 probes with my crappy skills, so I set them up into a cross with one floating above the cross to provide some z-axis triangulation data. This is very useful in narrowing down your sites quicker. I start big to cover as much of the system as possible, usually 32au, moving the probes so the ones on the outsides just touch the furthest probes with their range. You can move all the probes relative to the centre of your probing setup by holding ALT and dragging one probe. Likewise, you can hold shift and move all the probes at the same time. This is invaluable in saving time whilst probing. Time is money.

I scanned out the first few systems, finding nothing but wormholes. On my fourth system, I found a radar site, a Regional Blood Raider Backup Server. Googling the name of the site, I figure I can handle it and have the equipment, a Codebreaker I. Wait, my Hacking skill is at level 1. Shit. Oh well, lets see how it goes.

I went in, popped the rats with minimal struggle and set to hacking the cans. My error rate was high which was a little tedious, but I was in and out of the site within 20 minutes for the following reward:

My probes and ammo aside, that is worth about 16.5m or so. Not bad for 20 minutes in a t1 fit ship.

At this point I went back to highsec to dock up and work on comms stuff for Fweddit. Man, I have more respect than ever now for corp directors and the work they do. Since I helped found Fweddit, I’ve barely gone on any ops or roams, and have instead been setting up the forums, wiki, jabber, killboard, etc, etc, etc. Still, it shouldn’t take much longer until its fully established and I can delegate to volunteers.

The next day, I took off into the same area of space to see what I could find. The first 3 systems were dead, the 4th was crawling with Minmatar militia including the interceptor I mentioned earlier. The 5th system had a ton of sites, which I set about digging into.

The first I got a hit on was the Magnetometric site, Ransacked blood raider explosive debris. This time, I am more confident. Mag sites need salvagers and analyzers, and my Salvaging skill is at a mighty level 2, double that of my hacking skill. I get stuck in and clear the site, watching d-scan like a hawk, and salvage my way into the cans about the site. This was my reward for my efforts:

63m for one site is a bloody nice haul. I suspect this is on the high end of a magnetometric site’s profits, but I don’t have any experience to base this off.

Next, I snuck into a Ransacked blood raider ship remnants. I couldn’t find a decent info article on this on the web, so I dived in to see what it was like.

This site was much harder than the previous. Rats were spawned for every can I hacked, and there were more cruisers and higher quality ones to boot. I beavered on through it, salvaged the cans and this was what I got for it:

In other words, crap. I probably was quite unlucky with only getting one piece of low value t2 salvage. Still, averaging this out with the last site I’m getting 30m a site. This is nothing to be sneezed at.

I feel kinda bad doing exploration, now that we are in FW. I should be out working on taking down outposts with my corp mates, or failing at leading a gang if noone else if FCing. One has to pay the bills though, and lowsec exploration seems to be doing that for me admirably.


Theoretical Diablo Blogging

It’s pretty hard to blog about Diablo 3 when you can’t log in to the servers.

I never thought I’d say this, but CCP is really showing Blizzard how to do server stability… I know Diablo 3 is a bigger game, but they fail like this at every game release.

Initially I was a bit disappointed with Diablo 3. It didn’t grab me immediately like D2 did. The act design is very similar to  d2. But then, I got a bit further and saw how it shines.

I’ve been mainly playing a witch doctor. My mates who I play with have been far more successful than me in finding time to play, so they were 5-6 levels ahead of me. I joined them in an area that was really far out of my league, and struggled to stay alive and provide some use to the party.

But then I had a look into my skills, to see what I could do. Instead of focusing on damage, I aimed to bring crowd control to make life easier for the other guys. I built this build.

Basically, my primary skill (left click) is Corpse Spiders, which throws vases that explode into swarms of spiders. These serve to pin down mobs. My secondary skill (right click) is Grasp of the Dead, a large AOE that slows mobs down considerably. My defensive skill is Horrify, an AOE fear, which I use by running in on them and making them all run around like idiots while my group dps’ them down. After that I have a self buff skill, a long range heavy nuke, and a big pet dude to help tank.

So all in all I got a bunch of useful tools to help the group. But then a few more runes unlocked, and I came across another combination – the witch doctor healer. I took zombie dogs with the rune where they drop health orbs when they die, sacrifice to blow up the dogs and get their orbs on demand, the circle of life passive to get free zombie dogs. This usually means as soon as something nasty hits the group, the dogs die and everything gets healed. I just stand near the action and vomit plague toads at anything that moves.

The skill system in D3 has really won me over with its flexibility. I’ve tried out about a dozen viable playstyles so far on just witch doctor alone, and it has been great doing it.

Now hopefully the servers come back up soon and I can get back to it.


Hulkageddon is srs bzns

Totally unrelated to the srs bzns podcast, which is great by the way. Blackhuey, I demand more casts!

Helicity Boson recently posted about the affects of Hulkageddon so far, including the death threats he’s received. I know Eve is about serious internet spaceships… but that is going too damn far.

To date, the Hulkageddon campaign has downed 5000 mining vessels and done 1 trillion isk worth of direct damage to the Eve economy. That is only direct damage however, the further consequences of Hulkageddon are more than just a bunch of destroyed hulks and destroyers. Firstly, you have the miners who didn’t undock, or got discouraged by gankers from undocking and stayed docked after that. These guys aren’t raking in the veldspar like they usually are…

A ~46% reduction in ores mined in highsec is HUGE. That said, there still must be a ton of mining going on, as highsec has about 1.5b m3 mined from it daily.

Clearly there are still plenty of hulks out there for the taking.

So, there has been 1t worth of minerals in hulk and orca form blown up in New Eden lately. On top of that, mining outputs in highsec have almost dropped by half. This means there are a great deal less minerals coming into New Eden right now, and a lot of them have exited the game in wreck form, reducing the total amount.

Typically, I would say this means it is a great time to invest in minerals, however there is a ton of volatility in the market right now due to players who speculated in the market dumping their stock in a panic. There is likely considerable amounts of isk to be made flipping minerals, and that is what I’ve been doing rather than investing in minerals. Investing would potentially grant higher returns, but I’m not sure which way the market is heading so I’ll take the easy buck rather than the risky one right now.