Datamining Diagoras’ tweets, and an update

Poetic Stanziel posted a list of CCP_Diagoras‘ tweets, which is a goldmine for leads on things to trade. A canny trader can sift a lot of value from those tweets.

At a glance, I gain the following potential leads from this:

  • The highest traded items, datacores and various minerals are worth investigating for station trading opportunities.
  • The t2 items who are mainly made from t2 BPOs are probably not worth inventing for.
  • The t2 items with high invention percentages are likely worth inventing, but there will be considerable competition.
  • Zainou ‘Gnome’ Shield Operation SP-903 is the most traded implant. Maybe there are reasonable volume opportunity in skill hardwiring implants. Worth investigating.
  • There are lots of destroyers, industrials and tornadoes blowing up. Duh. Maybe make some.

Anyway. I’m either finally getting some traction in station trading, or my diversification into some retail is skewing my stats:

I’m not happy with it at all. Station trading takes so much bloody time. I’d rather rake my balls over hot coals than sit there all day adjusting market orders by 0.02 isk. Still, it is becoming less frustrating. That, or I’m growing calluses.

IO commented just now on the last post, with some tips I’m going to put into action. Spreadsheeting would be good, especially if I can have it scan a great amount of items at once, such as all meta 4 items, or all t2.

I’ve begun to move into t2 ship retailing as well. I tried out using Push Industries non-rush option, which was completed in 4 hours or so which is well within my comfort zone. 9m for a freighter full of ships from Jita to Rens is pretty good, I reckon.



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