Alts and you

Meet Vincent’s hot Gallentean cousin.

This is my new alt, Ariel Trevane. Ariel is going to sit in Jita for me and act as an agent for Vince, doing things in the region that I’d like to do but don’t want to travel 27 jumps to achieve.

These things are:

  • Gathering market intel; checking orders, history etc to confirm opportunities
  • Buying items for freighting to Rens; As the seller pays the costs, a new alt can buy from sell orders exactly the same as a high skilled character
  • Any other business that requires a physical presence in another region

Ariel resides on another account to Vincent so they can be both logged in at the same time, but there is no reason why they can’t be on the same account. If they are, you’ll lose some time logging in and out but that pales into comparison to all the jumps I’d do on a round trip.

I’m going to commit some of my liquid capital to retailing again. Station trading is stepping up a little, but I’d like to diversify to increase my profits and limit my frustration from being 100% devoted to the new market. Vincent will be sending isk to Ariel, who will buy items then contract them to Vincent, who will then contract them to Push Industries to ship to Rens.

This move is all about opportunity cost. I don’t want to fly to Jita anymore unless it is extremely necessary. Its time consuming, risky and boring, all three risks which need justification to make them worthwhile. At the heart of it, this is a labour saving device. It frees up some percentage of my time which I can devote to more important tasks, such as checking orders or writing this blog. If you can identify where you can save time by making small changes, your effectiveness will skyrocket.



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