Update and new plans

Aaand today’s theme is:

Ok, that might not be entirely honest. I’m getting somewhere. I’m not sure if that somewhere is where I want to be, but I’m making close to what I was making daily retailing now.

I’m cutting a lot of orders that I was involved in, and looking for greener pastures. All the t1 ammo orders are gone, they were trash. Mainly I’m doing meta4 items that are commonly used… guns, tank, cap modules and so on.

I’m also learning some PI skills with the idea to set up a couple of PI planets. I didn’t want to get into PI, but I can do some factory planets in Rens turning p1 into p3 or p4 which won’t be TOO intensive.

Usual reminders: Don’t forget to look into Bearforce Academy if you’re looking for a corp. Join Gevlon’s ‘Goblinworks’ channel to chat about market related stuff in-game. And finally, use the SOMER Blink promo code ‘Disclosed Blink’ to get 2.5m free credit, and earn me some advertising money.



4 thoughts on “Update and new plans

  1. You have to pick some 50-100 good items, and check every day whether spread is good enough to trade in them. That most likely means you have to have all of them in a spreadsheet.

    Look for items that are mostly used in combat: mainly T2 stuff, some meta 4 (e.g. meta 4 remote shield reppers), some ships even (Hulk), faction ammo.

      • Surprisingly, it is.

        I however fed up with station trading same as you, and came back to manufacturing. I did make some 200m/day though. Was doing 0.01 ISK stuff in Jita.

  2. edit: Quite a lot of people sell T2 to buy orders. It’s quite logical: T2 production is pretty profitable PER UNIT even selling to buy-orders. Real measure – profit per hour per slot – is much much worse, but our usual T2 producer does not understand that concept.

    T1 production is not profitable selling to buy-orders, so there is much lower supply.

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