Shifting my focus & a status update

I’m moving away from retailing as my core business and moving towards station trading as my main source of isk. This will be a significant departure from the methods I’ve disclosed in this blog previously, and I’m quite looking forward to writing about it. Due to this, I won’t be doing stocking runs to Jita for a while.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. Freeing up capital to leverage into station trading, via Margin Trading.
  2. Freeing up orders so as to dabble in more markets.

I finally got Retail V overnight. Now, I get to learn the wonderful Wholesale skill, which is going to SERIOUSLY expand my order totals.  This is a prerequisite to doing serious station trading. As any item you trade in requires two or more market orders, one to buy and one to sell, and perhaps one to buy region wide, you need a LOT of orders to do it properly. This has stymied all my past efforts to get into station trading.

Here is my Eve Nexus graph:

I’ve been pretty quiet the past week due to Easter, so I haven’t seen much in the way of gains.

Assets 470.1m + cash 727.8m + sell orders 1961.3m = 3159.2m. It is now roughly a month from when I created Vincent, a couple days over in fact. 3.2b in a month from nothing is pretty damn good, in my opinion.



2 thoughts on “Shifting my focus & a status update

    • It was the day after the first big green profit spike, about the 29th of March. I’ve got 2b of stuff on the market at the moment, so likely part of the delayed spike is that. The Rens market has been competition heavy lately.

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