Freighting with Push Industries

Back on my first post about outsourcing the hauling, Contiesta posted suggesting Push Industries as a corp who can fix my hauling problems. I’ve spent the last few days investigating them both for my own purposes, and to review them on the blog.

I did a bit of web research on Push but couldn’t find much. There are the standard out-of-game resources for looking at corps, but they don’t tell me much other than their bio. I did find this youtube video, which is pretty amusing.

Their bio is as follows:

Push Industries is a freight service designed to move what you need to where you need it.

Don’t move it, PUSH it.

Ingame Channel:PushX
Pricing: see below.

Eve-O official thread
Recruitment thread

General Information/Limitations

Please issue courier contracts as private toPush Industries

Set contract length for acceptance to: 3 days
Set contract length for completion to: 3 days

Standard Freight

Maximum collateral: 1.0 billion

High-value Freight

Maximum collateral: 5.0 billion

Total per-gate fee is multiplied with the following multiplier:
(done before adding rush fee)
1.01-1.5 bil: 1.5x
1.51-2.0 bil: 2.0x
2.01-2.5 bil: 2.5x
2.51-3.0 bil: 3.0x
3.01-3.5 bil: 3.5x
3.51-4.0 bil: 4.0x
4.01-4.5 bil: 4.5x
4.51-5.0 bil: 5.0x

Additional Pickup

200,000 ISK per additional pickup station
(on route, within collateral and capacity limits)


Maximum capacity: 900,000 m³
(Larger volumes upon special request.)

400,000 ISK per gate (larger than 10,000 m³)
300,000 ISK per gate (up to 10,000 m³)
(High-value freight multiplier applies)

Special Deals

Jita <> Amarr: 3,500,000 ISK / 2,625,000 ISK
Jita <> Dodixie: 5,500,000 ISK / 4,125,000 ISK
Jita <> Rens: 9,000,000 ISK / 6,750,000 ISK
(larger than 10,000 m³ / up to 10,000 m³)
(High-value freight multiplier applies)

Lowsec (by Gates)

Maximum capacity: 30,000 m³

2,000,000 ISK per lowsec system on route
(High-value freight multiplier applies)

Lowsec (by Jump Freighter)

Maximum capacity: 337,500 m³

44,000,000 ISK per trip
(independent of number of jumps)

Special high-value freight fees:
1.01 – 2.0 bil: 64,000,000 ISK per trip
2.01 – 3.0 bil: 84,000,000 ISK per trip
3.01 – 4.0 bil: 104,000,000 ISK per trip
4.01 – 5.0 bil: 124,000,000 ISK per trip

NPC-Nullsec (by Gates)

Maximum capacity: 10,000 m³

3,000,000 ISK per nullsec system on route
(High-value freight multiplier applies)

NPC-Nullsec (by Jump Freighter)

Maximum capacity: 337,500 m³

80,000,000 ISK per trip
(independent of number of jumps)

Special high-value freight fees:
1.01 – 2.0 bil: 100,000,000 ISK per trip
2.01 – 3.0 bil: 120,000,000 ISK per trip
3.01 – 4.0 bil: 140,000,000 ISK per trip
4.01 – 5.0 bil: 160,000,000 ISK per trip

Note on NPC-Nullsec orders:
Though we wish to move every order, we reserve the right to reject an order if a situation is persistently incredibly dangerous.

Rush Service (be served ahead of others)

On orders with a total volume of
0 – 200 m³ add 7,500,000 ISK
200 – 10,000 m³ add 15,000,000 ISK
10,000 – 100,000 m³ add 25,000,000 ISK
100,000 – 1,000,000 m³ add 35,000,000 ISK
1,000,000 – 10,000,000 m³ add 50,000,000 ISK

For orders larger than 10,000,000 m³ contact us for rush service.
For multiple packages going the same route, the rush fee is only charged once.

Miranda Ka (CEO)
Porkita (Director)

All in all, about as clear as mud. This wasn’t an encouraging start, as the front end of their business is a bit confusing, poorly laid out and math heavy. Still I persisted, cobbling together some stock and figuring out the price, and setting up a contract:

The above is a rush contract, which is why the reward may seem a bit high. I don’t mind paying the higher price if it means I get the stock within an hour or two, so I can list it and it can start earning.

I hit finish, then something cool happened:

The contract was accepted within 11 minutes, way faster than I had experienced with any other courier corp or freelancer. Then, my mailbox blinked, and I received this:

A pickup notification! With an ETA?! Very nice. This was something I hadn’t experienced before. Normally I sit there wondering if the job is on its way, or if someone has accepted it and logoffskied, like what happened last time.

By this stage I was in my shuttle heading back to Rens, autopiloting merrily along while I was off doing some dishes. I did some other chores, got back to my PC and noticed a full hangar and this:

Nice, very nice. Based off the first job, I was quite impressed. I listed my items, then went off to pack for my trip up to see my family at Easter time.

I listed another job later that day. I didn’t take notes of when the job was accepted, but I think the finished contract speaks for itself:

That job went from creation to delivery in 39 minutes. I didn’t get the pickup and delivery mails, but otherwise this is exactly what I’d expect from a premium freighting service.

I’ve run a couple of similar jobs since with the same result, and it got me thinking I really should try out their higher collateral services. At first glance I thought they were expensive but it turns out cheaper than running multiple smaller jobs, which is ideal. Easter had passed with little playtime, and I logged in to find 1.3something billion isk in my wallet to reinvest. A perfect opportunity to test this out.

So I scooted off to Jita to buy up a few things to fill out a large volume, large collateral order. It came out like this:

This order was delivered in 43 minutes flat. Wow. I think this is going to change how I do business in New Eden. I expected this one to take a few hours at least.

All in all, I’m very impressed with Push Industries service. Their front of business has issues: A website with a freight calculator, a FAQ and a few other things will resolve this and make them seem a lot more credible, and a lot easier to use. I’ve only received the pickup and delivery notifications on one order so far, and while this is a minor quibble some consistency here would be nice.

Negatives aside, Push Industries reliability, customer service and speed so far has been absolutely top rate. Their PushX channel has plenty of corp members eager to help check your orders, answer your questions and escalate rush jobs for you quickly.

In conclusion, I see Push as a great corp with tons of potential being held back a bit by a lack of attention to their front of business. Perhaps this is why they’re so brilliant at what they do: they’re not getting the volume of business they deserve. I’m going to continue to use them for all my hauling, and if you can stomach the cost of shipping I’d recommend it to anyone who can’t pilot a freighter themselves.

Overall, I give Push Industries a 9.5/10.



6 thoughts on “Freighting with Push Industries

  1. Hi Vincent,

    Thanks for the review. I’m happy to see that you experienced our service the way we aim to provide it. 🙂

    I totally agree on the “frontend issue” and we’re working on getting our price calculator done finally (I know, we keep promising it since December, but now we’re really working on it. I’m personally getting tired of calculating simple quotes just because we don’t have a calculator yet 😀 )

    We will also do an overhaul of the official forum thread (which still lacks some recent updates) and some other public information. We also plan to improve our internal tools, which should help with sending out the notification mails in a more consistent way (There should actually be a clickable link of the contract after the “>>” in the pickup mail and the ETA should be in EVE time, not as a time span).

    I’ll try to find out why you didn’t get the evemails on your second rush order. We are sometimes communicating pickup, ETA and delivery through the PushX channel, but only if we know that the customer is actively watching it.

    Thanks a lot for the insight of how things work out from the customer’s perspective. I will address some of the issues you experienced to improve our service further 🙂

    -Miranda Ka
    Push Industries

    • Thanks for popping in Miranda.

      Delivery and ETA was mentioned in channel on the 3rd order, but not on the 2nd I think. Either way, very happy with the service, just wanted to point out a few things you could fix to make it perfect. It is already the best in New Eden in my opinion.

  2. I answer to the statement about volume – recently, I sent them 543 contracts: Not 543 total over the course of months, 543 in one job batch. Each for 860k m3, each for 1b collat. All were done with the same speed as I expect from them in lower volume times.

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