The problem with public courier contracts

That contract is 18 hours old. It contains this:

Update: Whoops, ignore RFF as the target for that contract. I put the wrong screenshot up. I listed this for RFF and waited three hours before remaking it.

Thats all over 30% margins on reasonable volume goods. 500m in Jita prices, probably over 700m in Rens.

I don’t know whether it they forgot about it, hauled it in a t1 hauler and got ganked or just plain took it to fuck with me. It has been a long 18 hours, logging in occasionally to check on it.

I’ll be investigating PushX as a service for my next contract.

Apologies for the lack of posts the past few days. I’m off to India for business after Easter so getting my visa, tickets, shots, etc in order has taken up a lot of time. I should be back on the horse a little over Easter, as I’ll be staying up at the family farm where there is less distractions (and thankfully, internet now. Hello 21st century)

Been getting the odd bit of fanmail and thank you mails lately. Its nice to get, thanks for those who do. The best one was this:

It’s nice to hear peoples success stories using what they’ve learned.

I bought 4 Machariels a few days ago on my main for 1.15b as the price seems to be spiking strongly. Today its 1.5b… so if you see one for the old price and have the spare capital I’d snap it up. Not easy to move though…

Noctis‘ are also almost doubling in price in the past week, on the back of rising prices in the mineral market. They use a lot of zydrine and nocxium in their construction, so keep an eye out for cheap noctii.



2 thoughts on “The problem with public courier contracts

  1. Didn’t know where to put this question, so I just commented on the most recent post…

    Is there a way you can add a calendar functionality to your blog? I refer to your past posts quite often and its a minor annoyance to have to scroll down until I find the specific post. I believe wordpress has that feature somewhere..

    THanks! Great work btw, keep it up. definitely a fan

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