Outsourcing the hauling

Welp, I log on to find myself with over 700m of fluid capital, after spending yesterday without playing. I even lost a couple of hours in an empty skill queue! Ugh.

I can’t reasonably haul that much without spending all day playing, which I can’t do as I have things to do today. Its Sunday, and I have a new fishtank to aquascape with my girl. High tech display tanks are damn expensive. Anyway.

I decide to give courier contracting a go. I took my newly dubbed ‘Nadobait II’ to Jita. I don’t expect to fly her back as there is no point if you’re contracting the hauling out to someone else, but its not a bad idea to have a hauler stationed in Jita just in case.

I hit Jita, fire up my market tools and figure out some leads for items to buy. I buy 70m each worth of 10 different items to spread my investment as far as my market orders can stretch. I then hopped over to Red Frog Freight’s website to figure out costs, and how long it’ll take.

After punching in the details of my haul, I get the price of 9.25m isk which is honestly pretty cheap. Being Sunday though I figure they’re rather busy, so I go check out their contract status. This gives me pause.

There is 162 people in the queue before me… 19 of which haven’t been serviced in 24 hours and 3 which are over 48 hours old. This is unacceptably slow for this job for me. I want this in Rens in a few hours, and I’m happy to pay a premium for that. The extra realised profits in that period will more than cover the expense, I believe.

So, I turn to ‘The Courier Hub’, an in-game mailing list dedicated to freelance couriers and the capsuleers that use them.

It’s actually pretty quiet. I’ve been in it for a week, and there have been a total of three contracts listed. Still, the ones I’ve seen listed have been accepted more or less instantly as far as I could tell, so there must be some merit.

Packing up all the goods I’ve purchased, I start to write out the contract. I set the collateral at 800m, higher than the value of the items I’ve purchased. I’m factoring my time in here, as I’ve gone back and forth to Jita… I don’t want someone to get the contract and crack open the package at the destination and list against me. Its unlikely, but anything can happen in Eve.

After checking the contract details somewhere between 5 and 10 million times, I hit Finish to put the contract out there. I would hate to do something stupid like get the collateral wrong and lose money on this, 800m is a very significant chunk of my change. Next, I go to post about it to The Courier Hub.

As I’m feeling nervous and magnanimous, I chuck in a 10m tip for prompt delivery. I’m heading out this afternoon for a while, and having it in Rens so I can list it before then will help my income considerably. I then sit tight, twiddle my thumbs for about 30 seconds and BOOM, it is accepted.

Wicked. At this point, I jump in a shuttle and head back to Rens to wait anxiously for the arrival of my package, feeling not unlike an 8 year old me in the 80s anxiously checking the mailbox every day.

Update: Everything arrived well, an hour before the tip expired. I’ve done it again since with the same result. The courier hub is great!



7 thoughts on “Outsourcing the hauling

  1. It’s interesting that you are buying things in such large quantities, as in most cases they represent several days of trading – a lot of those items seem to go through cycles of large margins between JItaHubs, followed by sudden collapses when the big boys get into the market. It actually becomes a hybrid between arbitrage and near station trading – which some of your readers may not have picked up on.

    • At the moment I’m buying in large quantities due to a limitation on the amount of sell orders I have available. I could let the isk sit in my wallet for snap opportunities, but buying larger orders lets me cut down on restocking times. Also, some of those large amounts I’ve sold through already, particularly in the Sisters Core Scanner Probes.

  2. Consider Push as an alternative, and cheaper, way of getting something hauled cheaply and quickly. Their ingame channel is PushX.

  3. Hi Vincent, first off I like the blog, good stuff, keep it up!
    Quick clarification on the Red Frog Freight service. Contracts are not always handled in the order in which they were received. Older contracts have precedence of course, but if I’m in Jita, I’m not flying my freighter to Rens just to service a contract that’s an hour older than a Jita contract. See what I mean? So if you see a queue of 150 contracts, don’t assume you’re going to be 151 in line.
    All that being said, RFF can handle rush jobs through Blue Frog Freight as well. Any time you need something just hop into the RF Freight channel and let us know what you need. Maybe there’s a hauler right around the pick-up station that’d be happy to lend a hand.

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