Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Today I made three major mistakes.

  1. Flying with 200m in my tanked hauler. It holds out against Tornado napkin math, but not other things…
  2. Getting scanned by a solo dramiel and not dumping half to all of my cargo. I thought about this for 4 jumps before not doing it. I knew the right decision, but didn’t take it.
  3. Insuring my bloody Mammoth. This is nothing but superstition, but the first time I undock with it it got ganked.

Anyway, here is what happened.

With more capital than I can cover right now, I upped my risk threshold on how much I’m hauling. I’m almost at the level of engaging Red Frog Freight but not quite, and I’m too impatient for it at the moment. I decided instead of hauling 150m, I’d bump it to 200m and see if I got any attention.

I bought a few things, some Praetors, Sisters Core Scanner Probes and some 100mn Afterburner IIs. I loaded them up into the cans that have taken up permanent residence in my hold, and headed off.

Immediately, my EVE crashed. Just at Jita undock. Fuck. What a start. I killed my work VPN and reconnected, hoping that I got away without being ganked at undock while disconnected. I enter the game and my ship is fine, and it hops the small entry warp back to Jita undock.

I dock up to refresh my undock invulnerability. Ok, giving this another shot, I undock and wait about 20 seconds before warping to my insta-undock bookmark. I warp off to the first gate in my run and bam, disconnected again. Grr.

I get back on and all is well, and I continue my journey. A couple of jumps in, I get scanned by a lone Dramiel. This sets my spider sense tingling. I’m already over my limit… I should dump my cargo in a station and scout out. Hrm. Ahh, this fit survived two Tornadoes yesterday! She’ll be right mate.

I continue on 4 or so jumps without trouble, and relax a bit. I’m still mulling dropping my cargo off, but I have to go to the Doc later today so I want to mess about as little as possible.

I hit the Uedama gate and jump through… and on the other side are Destroyers. Lots of destroyers. And a Tornado. Hm. 11 Destroyers. Shit.

I hit warp to the nearest station, hoping that they’re all on some Destroyer Enthusiast Club rally run. Nope, I get promptly targetted and shots start splatting against my shields. Which are staying up! The second salvo hits and my shield alarm goes off at almost the same time as my armour klaxon. I see the big white crosses of CONCORD coming to the rescue, sweet blessed CONCORD, I take back anything I ever said against you! A few destroyers BLAP into beautiful explosions…

And then the third volley hits and I’m in my pod.

I warp off to the nearest station to save my pod, and grab a hauler there in case I can scoop the loot. Nope, I get back to the gate and all the loot is gone and the wrecks too. Damn, slick operation here. Here is the killmail. Turns out they’re all from GIANTSBANE, bar one.

I figured this was a good opportunity to talk to the other side, so I had a chat to them in local and opened up a convo with the guy who seemed like the ringleader, 2lost.

Here is the link to the battle for the lazy.

So, post-mortem. While there isn’t much I can do against 9 players, I was pushing my isk in cargo limit too high. This was a valuable lesson in trusting in the rules rather than pushing the boundaries. The extra EHP that I’ll soon have from t2 shield mods will help, but I’m not sure it’d stop 11 destroyers. At the cost efficiency of their gank, which 20m is pretty accurate if a tad generous, it’d be hard to justify anything over 100m a haul. The only price differential here comes from how highly they value their security standing, which takes a hit every time they pull off a gank like this.


I parked up in Uedama and started to write this up, and about 10 minutes 2lost pointed me to an explosion of activity in local. Here is what I saw:

And the screenshot that was linked in chat:

The Freighter was in 15% structure or so.

Maybe I’m in the wrong trade here… Heh.



7 thoughts on “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

    • Yup, I went with the resistance amps for two reasons:

      1. They’re always active, so they work if you get DCed or are distracted when you land on a gate and don’t move before your cloak drops.
      2. They don’t require any capacitor. If you’re running cap draining tank modules when you can run out of cap, and have to make multiple jumps to reach the next gate. Not a big deal necessarily, but when you’re going on 54 jump round trips to Rens it can be an issue.

      The difference when fitting hardeners is about 1500 ehp, which might have saved me in this case. They had enough time though to gank a second hauler, the Badger II there… so I wouldn’t count on it.

      Food for thought anyway. I don’t have to run the mods all the time… I’ll fit it for my next run back and see how it goes.


      • If you are flying with active shield mods, _always_ activate them before initiating warp and once you are successfully in warp deactivate them. In case things look nasty you just might have saved yourself some extra damage. To counter the drain on capacitor you should skill up ‘Warp Drive Operation’.

        About your fit:

        You should use ‘Friction Nozzle Joints’ for rigs, the faster you can warp out the less volleys you will receive.

        Active shield hardeners instead of passive ones, 1-2 invulnerability fields.

        My preference is to run 3+ ‘Warp Core Stabilizers’ for those situations when you can survive beating but cant run away at all because of points.

        Take note that I’m mostly hauling through low-sec where gates are camped by individuals or small ops. And if you are getting camped by larger group, chances are they don’t even have point and just rely on sheer damage of 1-2 volleys. If that’s the case you might want to change warp stabilizers to ‘Inertia Stabilizers’ for even faster aligning but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  1. I’m also a new trader in your same situation. A couple of comments:

    1. Don’t use containers. They are a guaranteed drop. Loose cargo in your hold is random. But when gankers see containers they know they can get the full value of your cargo. So if you have 100mil in cargo in containers the gankers will get 100mill. Loose cargo will only drop about 50mil worth. Makes the math worse for the other side. Check out this thread for more good tips:

    2. There is a way to get a ‘poor-man’s’ Prowler: the MWD/Cloak trick. Fit your Mammoth with an Improved Cloaking Device II and a 10MN Microwarp Drive. You’ll need some capacitor fittings (2 lows and 3 rigs) to get enough capacitor to run the combo. You will only get 2 Expanded cargohold II’s and be able to carry ~10-12K m3 (depending on your skills). Look up the MWD/Microwarpdrive trick on youtube to see how it is done.

    Basically, after you go through a gate you have 60 sec of cloak. Select your next gate, hit align (not warp to), then immediately hit cloak and MWD. This will allow you to align while cloaked and you shouldn’t show up on the overview long enough to be targeted and locked. The MWD will pulse once, and when it runs out it will not renew since you are cloaked. Immediately after the MWD cycles, deactivate your cloak and hit warp. You should warp immediately as your MWD has increased your speed over the 75% requirement for warp. It takes a little practice, but most camps will only be able to stop you if they have a fast decloaker ship that is able to get within 2km of you and decloak you.

    This setup can also be used as a low-sec hauler to avoid gatecamps there. The limited cargo space is really the big issue.

    3. Limit your cargo value. But you already know this.

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