Market Tool of the Week: Eve-Central’s trade finder

Eve-Central is an old, unmaintained site. It has been around since 2005 and looks it. From what I understand it is no longer maintained as the operator has quit EVE, as if such a thing were possible. Despite this, it still has the best sell/buy trade pair finder out there.

You can find it here and it looks like this:

If you’re going to market to fill up your oxcart and want to make some money on the trip to market, then use this tool. I enter Rens as my starting system and Jita as my destination and hit ‘Search & Display’, and it shows me this:

And out spits a bunch of information on a shipping report. The first item, the most profitable, is as above. It looks solid, a nice 18% profit before taxes. Lets have a look further.

Yup, its there alright. The synapses in question are 6m3 though, which means I’d only be able to take about 1100 in my tanked Mammoth. 1275 if I put a can in there too. Ok, that’ll work for bulk items. I’ll buy that in a minute once I’ve found some smaller, more profitable items.

There is then a bunch of 100m implants for a 3m profit that I’m not terribly keen to run. If I had a freighter maybe, but not today. More chaff and low margin crap, making 2% on 10m. Ick. The taxes would eat that right up.

Basically, the interface on this beasty is awful but it does find nice deals, better in my experience than the equivalent ones on Eve-Marketdata and Evemarketeer. Funnily enough they all seem to return different results, so the diligent ones amongst you will use all three to find leads.

Digging through it I found this deal:

Which I bought 18 of. I then bought two Giant Secure Containers, which help give me more cargospace, bought the Synthetic Synapses and loaded everything up.

Its about 90m of stuff all up, and I should make about 16-17m on it before taxes. Thats a nice little boost for a trip I had to do anyway.



3 thoughts on “Market Tool of the Week: Eve-Central’s trade finder

  1. With things like the Synthetic Synapses (and also the T2 ammo you were trading earlier), how do you manage to offload them ?

    I find that during the times they are most likely to be traded, that my orders never stay on top for long enough to get significant volume through – yet you managed to make money even while you were away from the game. If I set my prices in the night, I’ll come back in the morning to very little in the way of profit.

    Also on the topic of synthetic synapses, are there any tools that will print the *forward* production tree of such things? It’s relatively easy to find what makes a particular item, but there seems to be no way short of trawling all BPOs of seeing what final products a particular item can end up making.

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