Annual Reports – lovely intel for traders

The Red Frog annual report has some wonderful information if you’re looking for where to operate your marketeering activity, or just looking for people to ninja salvage.

Specifically, the sections showing what regions and stations are growing or climbing is wonderful.

How to interpret this? Well, the top 10 destination systems are pretty much all market or missioning hubs, places where you’ll be able to sell decent volumes. The start systems are market hubs as well, and some buy order hubs as well. Osmon is higher than I was expecting… I was thinking of moving there as it always seems unusually busy when I pass though. Honestly though, I want to stay out of The Forge.

The top 20 visited stations are all good places to look for where you could base your operations. I’m unfamiliar with at least half of the stations on the list, and while I’m no bittervet it means there may be some real gems hidden there which you can exploit.

I’m staying in Heimatar for the immediate future, but this does provide great intel on where to go when I decide to move.



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