Ahhh morons, you gotta love em

I was chatting to my new corpies about whether Gravimetric sites are ever worth bothering to mine, when I noticed a big uptick in my wallet, to the tune of about 300m in 20 minutes.

I went to my Eve Nexus to figure out what happened, and found something both pleasant and amusing.

Someone bought one of my 10MN microwarpdrive IIs, but paid 200m for it. I presume that they sorted the market by jumps and bought whatever one was at the top, likely in a hurry. I’ve forgotten the mechanics of it but basically the item gets sold to the cheapest one listed, and they get a nice tip to whatever the customer paid on top of their order price. If you ever buy something that isn’t the cheapest on market for the station you’re at, you’re actually buying it from the cheapest order and giving them the extra!

This makes a nice little uptick in my tracking graph.

I’ve finally got Accounting IV which nicely reduces the  taxes that I pay, but more importantly lets me now train Margin Trading. Margin trading reduces the amount of isk I put into escrow when playing buy orders. What does this mean? Well, with margin trading II I’m putting in approximately half the isk I normally would in escrow, meaning I am free to invest it in other avenues… as long as I leave enough in my wallet to cover the difference when someone sells something to one of my buy orders. This means I can cover a LOT more markets, even ones that would take a large amount of my capital to cover, and not have my wallet exhausted in the process.

This puts my net worth at 316.7m cash + 129.4m escrow + 1029.6m sell orders + 158m assets = 1663.7m isk.



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