Brief investment buy orders

Apologies for the quietness of the blog the past few days, I’m busy preparing for a business trip to India and looking after a sick dog. 😦

I’ve pulled away from station trading for now. I decided I wasn’t getting the value out of the market orders I had dedicated to it. I will definitely revisit it soon, once I have a lot more market orders from Retail V and the Wholesale skill.

I’m continuing to do the Jita stocking shuffle as my main source of business. Using eve-marketdata to figure out what t2 mods to stock continues to work well.

My next focus is what I call brief investment buy orders. Not a great name, but anyway. The idea behind them is they are somewhere halfway between station trading buy orders, and my normal method of operation. Let me explain.

Take the item ‘Electric Conduit’. I buy them for about 13 isk in Rens using a buy order, acquiring a few thousand a day. I then take them to Jita with me next time I go there and sell them to buy orders. This means I get a very quick turnover of isk without having to micromanage a sell order to realise a profit. How does it work out for me? Have a look:

Those profits are hardly huge, but 7000% profit is nice. I’m making a few million a day doing this in one trade hub, and I’m setting up buy orders for Hek, Oursulaert and Dodixie to increase the profitability. If you were to widen your orders to region range you could probably drag in quite a lot of them, though you’d have to run around a lot and pick them up. This would be great for newbies to raise initial capital. 

I’ve identified a few other markets where this works. Prototype 100mn Microwarpdrives, meta 4 ECM, hell most meta 4 named modules. You can make very steady incomes without having to update your orders as often, and it gives you something to fill your hauler with on the trip to Jita which is always nice.

My income remains fairly consistent at this point:

I have a small stockpile of goods I gained from my brief jaunt into station trading to work through, which means I won’t have to be as active hauling for the next few days. I’m considering contracting out my hauling to free up my time, if I can figure the price is right.

I’m going to form a Corp shortly with the aim of mentoring people who are interested in the blog and would like some more 1 on 1 assistance. I’m struggling with a name though. Any suggestions?



One thought on “Brief investment buy orders

  1. You should call it “Full Disclosure Trading Inc” 🙂

    I’d join if you started one. Been enjoying following the blog. I started my character on March 29th and have gone from 2mil to 80mil in worth in the few days I have been following your examples. Thanks for the blog.

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