Announcing Bearforce Academy

On discussion with a few people in the Goblinworks channel, I decided to name the new corp Bearforce Academy. Credit goes to Otis B Driftwood for suggesting ‘Bearforce One’, which was unfortunately taken(by a holding corp, no less).

Yes, I know the logo is a lion. Its the closest I could get to a bear. If it bothers you just squint at it and pretend.

I made the corp as I’ve been getting a lot of convos lately by newbies, new and old, requesting help. This seems the best way of doing it.

If you’re starting EVE or just a new alt, come and join us. I’ll happily set you up with their first cruiser hull and how it should be fit, as well as assistance if you need mentoring or just have a couple of questions.

Some people have suggested that this is pointless as Eve-University already covers this. Eve-uni has a pretty full on interview process however and is not suitable for some people. I’m hoping to fill that niche.

Right now we’re… well, I am based in Rens. The corp will probably be based in Frarn for the immediate future, with a move to a suitable system close to lots of regions and decent agents in the future. I’m thinking Hek but not sure about that. Please assist in comments if you have a good idea.



21 thoughts on “Announcing Bearforce Academy

  1. I like your choice of Hek, it is rather easy to run distribution missions in nearby back pocket (Nakugard). You should probably set your headquarters there instead of Hek itself to avoid station campers on Hek trade hub.

    Why I like Hek? 5 jumps away from E-Uni headquarters makes it already good place to profit from newbie modules and any other similar corporation in the system is always welcome. It is also reason why it is easy to get into market here as it’s not over populated like in Jita. And in when need arises to get into bigger trade hub, Jita/Rens is always close enough.

    • Its also close to a bunch of regions, and a stones throw from 3 trade hubs. Jita is about 20 jumps I think from Hek, maybe less… so restocking isn’t so bad.

      Thanks for the feedback, good to know I’m not going bonkers.

  2. Hi.

    I am new to Eve.

    I’ve done basic research on joining a player controlled corporation.

    For me, the big plus is a potential lower tax rate. The mere fact you know of the goblinworks channel also encourages me to join.

    I did a quick lookup on dec shielding, and that seems to be in order (or at least I have no specific reason to doubt my research)

    The advice on how to fit out a ship would be appreciated. The hull itself – less so. While I still am a ‘poor’ player, I intend to fix that with research and effort. (The doing and documenting is part of why I joined Eve)

    I have read the basics of corporations at (and a few other pages), but still am largely clueless on how tax, distance and other issues relate in Eve.

    If I choose to join your corporation, but work out of different systems, will that detract from the benefits (either to the corporation or to me) from joining your corp?

    I’m in Australia – a very different timezone to a lot of your target audicence. Does that make a significant difference?

    To put it bluntly and badly:
    * What do you get out of me joining your corporation?
    * What do I get out of joining your corporation?

    Don’t get me wrong; I am very interested. I am far more social and even carebearish than Gevlon; but that isn’t hard. I have a large independant streak. I also enjoy bouncing concepts off others; working together where it is better than solo work. I am looking for ‘a mutual satisfaction of requirements’.

    • Hi Foo,

      Thanks for your comment. Good to see you’re doing the due diligence.

      Taxes are applied to mission bounties and mission reward isk. Trading, mining, industry, exploration… these are all not taxed by corps.

      I’m in Australia as well fwiw.

      The corp gets:
      More players to do things that require more players in future

      You get:
      Lower taxes
      Assistance from allies when you get in a jam
      Guild events, such as WH raiding (if there is demand for it)

      In future I’ll expand into other programs such as ship production services. We need taxes, skills and BPs to support that which we don’t have yet, but we’ll get there.


  3. I’m just considering playing Eve Online, and in my research stumbled across this blog. It’s been a fascinating read, and has really given me a lot of information on what can be done in this game. I plan to fire up a trial account in the next day or two, and I’ll be sure to contact you. Thanks much for all the effort you’ve put into documenting all of your trading adventures!

    • Sounds great! Come join Bearforce Academy if you would like some one on one tutoring.

      If you would like an invite, I can set you up with one. We can split the plex reward you get heavily slanted in your favour to get you started with some initial capital.

  4. Hi Vincent glad to see the corp started. I’d be interested as well. I played a bunch back in 06-07 and ran a pirate corp. But I feel like a total noob all over. Started this new character with the hopes to trade and have some fun in a more relaxed way. Found your blog a few days ago looking for tips on the forum and it’s helped me a great deal. I live in Canada so time zones may not mesh but I would like to join.

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  6. Hi, I’ve recently started playing again and stumbled on this blog. I realize this post is over a year old now, but is the corp still active and accepting members?

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