Am I space rich yet?

Assets 211.2m + Sell orders 450.6m + Buy orders 235.3m + cash 130.3m = 1027.4m!

Woo, we’re past the billion mark! Vincent is 19 days old, and I took 4 days off in that time.

My Eve Nexus graph looks like its diving into a ditch as I haven’t done anything today, and everything has been undercut.

I moved into station trading a bit so I don’t have to do Jita runs. It looks like The Mittani’s celebration may be cut short by him stepping down from CSM7 chairmanship, or at least all the controversy kicking around now seems to have rained on his parade. Due to this, I’ll resume Jita restocks shortly.

I took a bit of a loss yesterday by buying +4 implants, while not having the skills for them. Doh. I resold them to market but lost taxes plus probably 2m on the market that was on the way down at the time. I have +3s in my head now which is nice. I really should have done that ages ago, but I kept thinking of the profits I’d be missing by not having that 40m to invest…

I’ve started a jaunt into station trading, which is why my buy orders are so large compared to last post. I’m quickly discovering that I don’t have anywhere near enough market orders to do this properly, so the skill Retail V will be prioritised so I can learn Wholesale and really bump up my max order count.

I’ve been using the Bullworth Burger model to find good items to station trade. Its working really well I think, at least as far as my small amount of orders that I’m dedicating to station trading allows. If you look hard enough there are some really nice burgers out there:

That market isn’t particularly high volume, but you get the idea.



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