Hard choices over single items + a status update

I found a steal of a deal in Rens, 269,104 units of Federation Navy Antimatter Charge L for 726. I bought the lot for 195m, thinking to ship it to Amarr where I could immediately sell it to a buy order for a cool 23m profit, minus taxes.

So I snatched it and chucked it in ‘Nadobait’, my tanked hauler. 200m is reaching uncomfortable levels of wealth in a t1 hauler, but it’d take at least 2 tornadoes to take her down so I figure I’m fairly safe.

I run the pipe to Amarr, dumping half my cargo as soon as I near Sarum Prime for safekeeping. No need to trouble trouble over 6 jumps. Oh, the buy order I’m selling to is region wide? Sweeeet.

Time to have a look at the sell orders.

Hrm. With those prices I can sell this for an 85% profit. The volume in Amarr holds up, but looking at the ‘Expires in’ column on the right I can see a fair bit of undercutting activity. I really should just dump it and bank my profit, and fill up for a return run… by the profits call me, they callll my precious.

I decide to hedge my bets and sell the half I stashed in another station for 113m, and then list the rest for the market price at Amarr. You can see it above as the 130,o00 order, seeing I was too lazy to take screenshots before I listed it.

This way I can restock and head back to Rens, update my prices, run a mission or two, then head back to Amarr for another stocking run. Hopefully I won’t be undercut before I can sell anything… but at least if that happens I can just hop a shuttle back from Rens and sell it as soon as I hit the Domain region.

Status update: Assets 65.7m + Sell orders 737.3m + buy orders 2.3m + cash 145.5m = 950.8m. Not bad for a 17 day old character who took 4 days off! Getting close to that billion mark. In fact, I’ll probably top it with the sell order bump on this restock run…



3 thoughts on “Hard choices over single items + a status update

  1. I would like to ask a question, slightly unrelated to ganking. Do you know how many hours per day you tend to spend in game for your trading venture?

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