A word to the wise trader, re Goons and the CSM7 election

Goons don’t usually make empty promises. Look at their history. The Goon Ice Interdiction was news for months, and it did this to the oxytopes market.

Yes, that’s a bump to over triple the price during the ice interdiction. Sure, those stats are from Sinq Laison, but you get the idea.

Due to this, I’ll be restocking in Amarr until the smoke, if any clears. It may be an unreasonable precaution, but the loss of a hauler and the 100m+ or so I’d be carrying in it would really hurt my progress, so I think discretion is the better part of valour right now.

What to do in the meantime? Update my orders, buy that hurricane I’ve been eyeing and run level threes… or maybe jump on my main and join in the fun @ Jita. ^^ To any goons and co reading this sorry to ruin your fun, but I’m sure there’ll still be THOUSANDS of idiots in Jita just waiting for you to pop anyway.



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