Mmm, pointy

Finally my Eve Nexus graph is starting to look pretty again.

Hopefully my enemies impale themselves on those spikes, ha HAH!

I woke up to a 50m profit already today, which is nice. Going to try to make 4 haul jobs from Jita today, as with the weekend here demand is going to spike.

I picked up some very useful trade skills, such as Daytrading which lets me modify my orders when I’m not at the station. This has really hurt to this point and kept me from going seriously into station trading, as I’m off missioning when its convenient to get away and raise standing.

For those that don’t know, station trading is where you sit in a station and buy things with buy orders, and sell them with sell orders at a markup. As the name suggests, you don’t even have to undock. Your character just sits there and gets massively fat, waving at the brokers to place new orders with one hand and scoffing down cheeseburgers with the other.

I’m looking into buying a hurricane to do level 2s quicker, and start level 3s when the Connections skill kicks in. I’ve just started training it, and I’ve been chafing for it for days now. It raises your effective standing with agents, so you get a ton of benefits:

  1. Access to higher level agents than you normally would
  2. Lower station taxes
  3. Better refine rates

I’m increasingly thinking I’ll become an industrialist soon. I’ll continue investing my isk in modules to move for markup, but there is a lot of gold in manufacturing and invention. I don’t have a pos, or the standing to anchor one in highsec, but that can be worked around…



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