Choose your own adventure

I’ve got a few options ahead of me right now. I’m trying to decide on where to go from here to increase my income. It should be noted at this point, Vincent is 14 days old. My net worth is almost 700m, which if I were coming in on a trial I would be able to liquidate and buy a plex. It would be hard to do without game knowledge, but the tools I’ve shown in this blog could be used by a new player to find prospective avenues to start playing for nothing, and to keep it that way.

I’m making about 100m a day right now. If that is consistent, that comes through to about 3b profit a month, which is quite respectable. I’ll need to work every day to keep that up, which is unlikely, but we’ll see how I go.

As far as I see right now, my options are as follows:

  • A: Diversify in Rens into other higher profit, low volume items like implants.
    • This has the advantage of spending most of my time in Rens, so I can update orders with greater regularity.
    • The downside is that this market needs a lot of capital expenditure.
  • B: Diversify into another trade hub
    • I can simply do what I’m doing with Rens with another hub, like Dodixie. Pretty straightforward, decent margins
    • Lots of time travelling between hubs though, which means less opportunity to update orders. I’d also have to grind two or more reputations to cut back on taxes, and I’m having enough trouble with Brutor Tribe alone.
  • C: Move to a bigger hub
    • With diligence, I can make more money here. Items will sell quicker, so with more turnover I can realise gains on capital quicker.
    • Downsides are more competition so lower profit margins on the items. There will be more undercutters too, so I’d have to spend more time on keeping up with my competition.
  • D: Give in trading and go shoot miners, yarrr.

I’m favouring C at the moment and moving to Amarr. Jita is out of the question for me because I hate being undercut 11 times in 5 minutes, volume or no volume.



5 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure

  1. I find amarr has more under cutters (and they do it in larger margins) then jita. I’d move into higher priced items before I changed stations. 10% or

  2. You should consider that trials can’t fly industrials and are prohibited from training certain skills. So a trial will have more problems making that sort of money in two weeks.

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