Market Tool of the Week: Universal Uploader + Web Tools

What?? The much (self) hyped market tool of the week is about a measly uploader? So I can upload information for others to use and is no good to me?

Let me explain.

The Universal Uploader has changed how I play. I used to rely on the burger method to pick items that were worth trading, picking through tens of thousands of items to find decent leads. This is even harder when comparing different regions, as they aren’t represented on the graphs used in the burger method. Now, I use the uploader to handle a lot of the heavy lifting.

Every time you look at a market order, it goes into your logs which are probably located in c:\users\~you~\documents\eve\logs. The uploader monitors these in real time, and uploads them to three sites: Eve-Central, Eve Marketeer and Eve-Marketdata. The sites process them more or less immediately

What good is that, you say? You have to go through every bloody item in the game to go through leads? Well no, you don’t. Enter Eve Marketeer and Eve-Marketdata.

Eve Marketeer has a ‘Market Uploader’ tool which will sort through every item in the game incrementally, from the ones they don’t know about to the most updated, providing a solid baseline of updated files for the tools that rely on the databases to work with. You can also click on History then hit play to update the history files, as long as you have the history tab selected, which is another useful bit of data they draw on.

There are a really nice range of tools on Eve Marketeer. There are tons for you to explore, but I find the biggest concentration of value are on these two menus:

Here you can get tons of condensed information that can be perused to quickly find leads which you can assess to find very profitable trades. You still need to do your due diligence to avoid margin scams and to make sure the data is accurate, but it takes a lot of the legwork out.

But that isn’t the best bit, not by far. Enter Eve-Marketdata.

All of the tools there should whet your appetite. I use Stock Station extensively. Here is what it does.

You enter the station you want to stock with items from Jita and voila:

Out spits a report with the items to sell, their volumes, and the margins you can make on them right now. It relies on the data that is uploaded, largely via the universal uploader. Here is where the real great part of the universal uploader comes in; if you click the ‘update all stock items’ button on the shot above, it will run through each market in the item one by one, updating them, and upload them and then returning to the report you’ve come from. This churns through automatically, even when you’re afk. You can click it, go do something about the house, and come back to fresh market data and lovely reports on profitability.

Even better, for your trips to Jita to pick up items: Deal Finder

Which spits out results like:

The wonderful thing about this is you can make immediate profit on the way to Jita, then but items to sell over time and make larger retailing profits over time. The Deal Finder feature is only for donators, which I think is $5. In terms of the earning potential, I think its quite worthwhile. The Stock Station feature isn’t a paid one, so its a good place to get started.

There are TONS of features on Eve-Central, Eve-Marketdata and Eve Marketeer. Armed with the power of updating the data immediately, these reports can be leveraged to make you an very space rich.



8 thoughts on “Market Tool of the Week: Universal Uploader + Web Tools

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  2. I like’s order tracking, it will scan your current market orders to see if you have been undercut. Very usefull when you have 40+ sell orders. And it is very quick (it updates one item every 3 seconds and scans and checks your orders against the database even faster.) It let’s you get out of station and back into your ship. Woot! Engine tails! Pew pew!

  3. Hi, I can’t seem to get the unified uploader to work. When I start it up nothing happens, and it says I haven’t uploaded anything. Also when I look in the logs folder there is nothing in the market logs folder. Can you offer any assistance?

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