The wonders of passive income

Haven’t played today other than a few moments in the morning to update sell orders. Spent the day with the little woman, who has been a bit neglected this week due to too much blogging. Anyway.

While I HATE seeing that downward spike, its funny to see that I made more today than I did two days ago, and there are 2 hours left in the day. Isn’t capital great??

I bought a Stabber, a fast Minmatar cruiser to do some level 2s in when I’m not updating market orders. I’ll upgrade it to a Hurricane in a day or so, and that will be my missioning ship for the forseeable future. Then, finally, I can stop bloody learning combat and social skills and hit the bread and butter: trade and industry skills.

My Mammoth fit in the previous post has had a few revisions in discussion with Battleclinic members. A lot of them are absolute arsehats but they do have at least some idea about fitting. I’ve replaced the Inertial Stabilisers with Power Diagnostic Units, which increases by EHP by lowers my align time. This means that I can probably withstand being ganked by TWO Tornadoes, something usually reserved to tech 2 industrials. Seeing I haven’t even half filled my tiny 7k m3 hold in any of my trips to Jita, I don’t mind at all!

How my new Mammoth feels. Fucks given = 0.

It’s downtime now. For those of you in America who haven’t experienced this ‘downtime’, it is the hour that the server goes down every day right in the middle of late Australian playtime.

You get used to it.

I’ve started writing my Market Tool of the Week post for tomorrow. This post is going to be way better than the Eve Isk Per Hour post, which is by far the most viewed post on the blog. It will detail the tools I use to find trades between market hubs, which is how I’m making nearly 100m a day now. Keep in mind, 100m passive income is 3b a month if you keep it up, and if you keep that snowball rolling… its only going to get bigger. I’m doing this on a character with under 500,000 SP, who is less than two weeks old. You can do it too.



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