Unintentional lowsec adventures

So I’m derping around today doing my market browsing thing on eve-central, looking for things in Heimatar to ship to other stations in Heimatar for some simple money making. There are usually lots of opportunities to do this, and its a nice way to build secondary capital after you’ve got a few million under you.

I spotted a nice deal on about 55m worth of Mexallon, one of the main minerals of the game that there is always demand for. It is selling for 50 isk a unit when the going rate in Heimatar is about 55. Nice 10% base profit before taxes for schlepping around some minerals, I’ll take that.

So I buy the lot and lay out an waypoint to go pick it up. But whats this? A red dot? IN MY ROUTE BAR??

Well shit.

The Mexallon is in Endrulf, part of a highsec island. It is highsec alright, but to get there you have to through lowsec, or hope for the rare highsec to highsec wormhole to pop up there. Fat chance of that. With a sinking feeling I look through the buy orders that cover the station in the hope that there is something decent there.

There is one order that’ll take 40,000 units at 49. I’ve got  a million units. Then the next order is…. 36. Shit.

I mull on this for a minute and figure out I have a few options:

  1. Take the risk and scout the system to see what its like in a shuttle, and if its safe run through with my hauler. I’d have to go there and back, so the hauling part is doubly risky.
  2. Accept that I might have to take a bath on this and sell to the buy order, chalk it up to a learning experience.
  3. Batphone some of my mates who play and see who can bail me out.

Being tighter than a ducks butt I discard option 2, and not wanting to be too much of a pain to my contacts I discard option 3. I reship into a shuttle and head the 5 or so jumps out to have a look.

I warp up to the gate to Eifer and hover around for a moment, waiting to see if there is much traffic going through. Noone is on the gate that I can see scouting it, which is a good sign. Then again, a scout would probably be cloaked. Screw it, I jump through.

The gate whooshes and deposits me in Eifer, surrounded by three hurricanes, a sleipnir and a drake. Very glad I didn’t jump in here blind. I hold my cloak for a sec. Knowing that its bloody hard to catch a shuttle before it warps, I warp off to one of the nearby planets. I get into warp without even a targetting attempt, and land shortly at the planet with nothing on grid.

Figuring this isn’t the best place to sit I warp off again to the Endrulf gate, which is clear, and jump through.

I’m back in Empire. Well, sorta Empire. Empire if it was only two systems and populated by three guys. I figure now my only option is batphone, so I contact a friend over MSN and tee up for him to come help in his Crane, a tech 2 Caldari blockade runner, an upgrade version of the Badger that can fit a covert ops cloak and warp while cloaked. He’s happy to help me out of a jam as long as I scout for him, which I don’t mind doing at all. All I have to lose is a 20000 isk shuttle and some dignity, as I haven’t been able to afford implants yet.

Anton is all the way off in Amarr space some 20 jumps, so to kill time I head back through Eifer. The gatecamp is still there, now accompanied by two myrmidons and a tornado, and a couple of wrecks that I hadn’t noticed before. Damn, this place is popular. I land directly on the gate and get the fuck out of dodge, jumping immediately

Don’t mind me, just passing through!

presume they were shooting each other, but I didn’t stick around to confirm my suspicions.

I jump back in my industrial and move a few things to market. Why do I have 10 rifters out here? I stopped buying them. Anyway, Anton arrives and he sits cloaked 10k off the gate for a few minutes judging the traffic.

There is quite a bit of traffic.

A few myrmidons, a helios, a hurricane, a badger mk2?? Ok, if badger got through we know the other gate isn’t camped. That’s a start. I jump back in my shuttle and head in to scout out the system.

Luckily there are only 2 contacts in local, and noone on the gate. Anton gets in and out with the minerals, and in and out again no sweat, with me running point in my intrepid Minmatar shuttle. All goes smoothly and I sell the Mexallon in Rens for a tidy profit.

I decide my shuttle is lucky and rename it TIE FIGHTERRRRR, giving it a nice comfy spot in my hangar in Rens.

The little shuttle that could

Phew, enough excitement for one day.



2 thoughts on “Unintentional lowsec adventures

    • Doh, that is a very good point. I wanted to go straight to level 3s so as to not ‘waste’ the previous implants, but this is a big oversight of mine.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

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