Tornadoes breathing down my neck – My solution

I just hauled 80m isk of items to Jita to sell, and about 110m back. Those items in Rens is are probably closer to 170m.

Due to this, I felt the breath of every ganker who was out for my cargo every damn jump of the way.

Never again.

I mean, look at this:

85% or so of the cargo space going to waste. Bleh. AND I’d already removed a expanded cargohold to fit a damage control for more ehp. Still, I wasn’t comfortable with being in the alpha range of Tornadoes. So, I came up with this fitting.

UPDATE: Below fitting has been changed, please see the link above.

With my current skills that has 18k ehp, where the perfect ganking tornado can do about 12k ehp with perfect skills. It could conceivably squeak past a gank attempt with two tornadoes if they don’t have perfect skills and tracking on you.

It doesn’t have the biggest cargohold in the world but its more than enough for me at the moment. At a pinch you can chuck two Giant Secure Containers in it for another 1800m3 of storage.

I’m putting the fit together at the moment, and I think with it I will feel a lot more comfortable piloting, even autopiloting through space.

My Eve Nexus graph is looking pretty:

Vertical woo! Gotta keep that snowball rolling.

Net worth is about 330m isk right now. I can’t do a jEveAsset scan because it locks you out from scanning more than like once a day… need to find a workaround for that. I have 263m in sell orders and 45m in fluid isk.

Those taxes are REALLY starting to hurt. I paid nearly 15m taxes today it looks like. Time to work on some standing with Brutor Tribe, and get the Accounting skill ASAP. Nothing is sure in life but death and taxes. Death, taxes and bloody Tornadoes.



3 thoughts on “Tornadoes breathing down my neck – My solution

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  2. Replace those inertia stabilizers with reinforced bulkheads. The Mammoth is a good candidate for hull tanking, like the Noctis and Orca.

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