Republic Fleet Raid Leader Insignia – where does this go?

Net worth update: 264,184,796 isk.

207m sell orders
2m buy orders
27m wallet, the rest assets.

In short, weekend markets rock.

I think I got lucky on an odd item, 1 x Republic Fleet Raid Leader Insignia. I bought it for 100k at Rens and there are several listed for 46m in Jita. Some have sold in Jita for 300m+ in the last month… but I’m happy for a quick capital boost so I’ve listed it at 42m. Could go nowhere, could be nice. Either way, it is distorting the value of my orders a bit in case it is worthless. I can’t seem to find where it goes in the game, so maybe its just expensive as a collectible.

Not going to buy anything with buy orders this weekend. I need the free orders to list stuff moved from Jita. I’m making enough right now that by the time I can get back I have about 60m in capital to reinvest, which is about as much as I feel comfortable moving at once with my Mammoth. I moved 90m this morning and I could feel the greedy eyes of suicide gankers ogling me every step of the way, sliding over my hull with their passive targeters and ship scanners, even if they were in ships that couldn’t gank me. Was that Providence pilot giving me the eye??

Ahem, anyway.

I have been using Eve Central’s trade tool to find stuff to buy in Rens that I can sell in Jita for a profit. There aren’t many opportunities like this and its odd to make more than 10%, but it is a way to put your capital in action I suppose.

I think I might be milking most of the juicy markets here. I’ve got 200m in sell orders here, and going harder with my cargo capacity might be tricky. I may decouple soon into a second trade market, maybe Hek or Dodixie so they’re not too far away.



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