Jita runs, oh joy

So last night I flew over to Jita to pick up about 40m isk in mods and ammo to sell in Rens. As I’m out of the ship market and have enough capital now to justify the 54 jump round trip, I feel comfortable doing this. I’m a bit uncomfortable with the flimsy tank on the Mammoth, but I’m not breaking the cardinal rule of don’t haul more than 100m.

Is that rule intact with Tornados around these days? I hope so.

Anyway, I boat the long haul over and come back with the finest in high volume mods and ammo. As I’m listing it up I get a call from an  RL mate and corpy saying he’s going out on the town and convinces me to come out. But… but… I had a date with spreadsheets!

Josh arrives and graciously agrees to check my orders for undercuts while I go get ready, and we head out into the city to run amok.

I come back with a skinful and go more or less immediately to bed, and wake up to this:

Not quite as nice as waking up next to a pretty lady, but its getting there!

Time to crunch some numbers and figure out what I’m grabbing on the next haul. This one is important because THE WEEKEND HAS LANDED. This is a big peak time for playtime, so there are more players whizzing through Rens and buying my stuff! I want to leverage to the hilt with my few order slots… this will be interesting.



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