Spacewhale ahoy!

Ok, maybe the title of this post is inaccurate, the space whale is the lovely Orca ORE Industrial Capital ship that we’ll cover another time.

But this is what I’m talking about:

Hnnnnntttt! 27k m3! Woo! With Secure Cargo Containers thats… thats… a lot!

35229.27m3 to be precise.

Now if only I had the free capital to fill it.

I flew over to Jita to sell some stuff and pick up some t2 ammo. T2 ammo has decent margins and sells well, as people are always consuming it shooting it at each other. Also my first batch of Hornet EC-300 ecm drones came out of the oven and I listed them as well.

My wallet at the moment looks like this:

So things are ticking along nicely. The value of my non listed assets is 25.5m putting my net worth at around 128m isk. The Eve Nexus graph looks like this:

I can’t wait for Minmatar Frigate IV to finish so I can remap my attributes and start on some decent bloody trade skills.



2 thoughts on “Spacewhale ahoy!

  1. I’m confused how you have 27,000 plus in cargo space, I’m caldari indy IV and have cargo rigs and tech II cargo extenders and i only have 19000 on a badger mark II

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