Ejecting from the ships market

As of now I’ve cancelled all by buy orders for frigates in Heimatar. Why? Because while its nice to get that initial isk that you need to start trading, its a lot of work for a small amount of isk. If I fly to a station 5 jumps away to pick up 10 frigates and I make 100k profit on each, I’ve made a million isk off 10 jumps. Not a good earn rate.

I am going to stay in the skillbook market because the margins are absurd, we’re talking mid 4 digit margins here. Its also a small amount of money outlay to buy them and building up an inventory makes sense in those circumstances.

I am going to move into moving stuff from other trade hubs to sell it in Rens. I might also take up another small trade hub like Dodixie to spread out my goods so they’re exposed to more customers. I have a couple of great tools to do this which are working well, and they will be the focus on next Monday’s Eve Market Tool of the Week post.

If you’re interested in talking trade join the Goblinworks channel in-game. It is a channel started by Gevlon of the Greedy Goblin blog. Gevlon was the first person to get goldcapped in WoW and has recently started playing Eve and his blog is quite good.



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