Snowball is getting heavy

Net worth update: 122m isk. I have 27m isk fluid, which I’ve been holding back on investing a bit as I’m almost at my order limit.

I’m finally in my nice, gigantic, sexy Mammoth, the Minmatari tier 3 industrial ship. Going from 12000m3 to 18000m3 is very nice, especially when I’m going to be able to expand that out in about 10 hours when I can fit Expanded Cargohold I rigs.

I think I’ll reinvest in flipping a few things region wide, such as high meta guns. I’m considering expanding into the non-Minmatar frigates as well as while they don’t have the volume that the Minnie ones do, its not inconsiderable.

My other option is go into manufacturing, if I can find some juicy markets with Eveiph. I’ll do some research on that front before I make a decision, so expect another post sometime today on that.



One thought on “Snowball is getting heavy

  1. Just make sure to never fly what you can’t afford to lose.
    And remember that with t1 unanked haulers you sould be looking at a cargo cos of 200 mil or less.

    Best of luck

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