Maxed out order blues

While it is nice having a finger in so many markets, its frustrating to have capital sitting there that I can’t invest without pulling out of others. Part of the problem is my skill plan.

I’m learning Jury Rigging then Astronautics Rigging so I can fit Cargohold Optimization I to my Mammoth, then finishing off Minmatar Frigate VI so I can get Minmatar Cruiser I and do combat missions for Brutor Tribe.  I’m doing all this now instead of trade and industry stuff as I’m about to remap my attributes into Charisma to get all the social skills and trade skills down. After that, I’ll map into whatever works for industry and freighter/orca skills. Fun.

I guess I’ll have to just bite the bullet and pull out of some high profit% but low isk markets and liquidate them to get into some higher isk markets.



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