Status update and net worth tools

Net worth is around 79m isk. Getting a lot of undercutters, presumably from a reader or two from the traffic I got from the Eve Isk Per Hour post.

I calculated the net worth this time with a combination of Eve Mentat and jEveAssets. Eve Mentat gave me a summation of my wallet and orders, jEveAssets calculated the value of my assets that weren’t listed on market orders. Neither accounts for skillbooks or implants in your head, but thats ok.

To get a readout ignoring your market orders from jEveAssets you’ll need to do something like this:

The line across the bottom is where you read the important bits. The number on the right is the net worth of what is displayed.

If you look at the top I’ve set the filter to ‘vincent’ to only show things on Vincent’s character, and to not contain ‘market order’ to ignore anything listed on orders.

I’m finding I’m acquiring some items faster than I can sell them, such as ‘Salvaging’ skillbooks. All newbies get two of these if they follow the prompts in the tutorials, so there are a lot sold to market as they are redundant. I’ve picked up 30 in the past couple of days, and sold perhaps 10. I’ll likely have to transfer them over to Jita to sell to a buy order for a 110% profit.

Right now I’m finding I have a lot of isk tied up in sell orders, about 2/3 of my net worth. I’m considering liquidating some of them at Jita when I get into my Mammoth, for a far lower price… but still a profit. I’m going to keep retailing but I want to get quicker returns on my capital.



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