Flying off to Jita

So I did eventually take off to Jita to liquidate those Salvaging skillbooks. I had a fish around and found an item that was selling for 10% less in Rens than it was being bought for in Jita, Mining Upgrade IIs. I spent all my isk on those to make a bit more money on the trip, and came out of it about 16m isk in my wallet. Not a great profit but it was nice to liquidate those skillbooks.

I had a good think about what to take back that would be valuable in Minmatar space but not terribly in Caldari space. Ships and modules were out, as a lot of people everywhere fly Minmatari ships. Then I remembered about Data Centres where you can hand in pirate tags for faction standings. The tags which are accepted in Minmatar space are the ones that drop from Angel Cartel pirates, so I compared the markets and found that Angel Diamond tags went to buy orders for more than I bought them from with sell orders in Jita. Excellent.

I’m torn at this point about whether to sell to the buy order or to list them as sell orders. I paid approximately 250k isk for each of the 62 tags, and I can sell them to a buy order for 301k or list them as sell orders for 419k. Yes I’d be making a 70% profit by listing them, but the 20% profit is nice AND frees up my capital for future endeavours.

Doing some further research:

Looking at that average price compared to the lows and the highs, it looks like the market does lean more towards buying from sell orders. It might take a day to sell them, but I can deal with not having the capital accessible in that time.

I did want that capital available though for doing NPC market trading. Hrm.

I guess I’ll go shoot some rats and cover NPC markets at a later date when I have some fluidity.



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