Playing around with new tools

Looking at about 75m isk now in net worth. Going to get more accurate figures soon with Eve Mentat as a commenter suggested.

I’ve switched from buying newbie items at newbie schools to buying them with region wide buy orders from the trade hub, Rens. This has a couple advantages.

  1. I don’t have to run around to change my buy and sell order prices
  2. Rens is a nice level 1 and 2 mission hub, so I can run around missioning while in between order checking sessions
  3. Being a trade hub, there are a lot of item flipping opportunities at Rens. I’ll be exploring them to find new ways to lay out capital.

I spent a bit on skillbooks and a Mammoth, which I should be able to pilot tomorrow. Hauling isn’t much of an issue yet, but I see it will be when I start doing production. I’ve been learning Industry III so I can get Production Efficiency, which is a very nice skill that reduces your production waste by 5% per skill level. Production Efficiency 5 is pretty much required to be competitive in high volume markets, but there are TONS of markets where it isn’t need. I plan to get PE to 3 to decrease my waste by 15% before I get into manufacturing.

This is Eve Nexus, which I’ve been using to measure how my market orders are going. Its hard to judge the performance of your buy and sell orders arbitrarily, and this graph makes it rather easy. Eve Nexus’ profit tracker is rather nice too:

I’ll cover Eve Nexus properly at another time in a Tool of the Week post, but I thought I’d throw a sneak preview out now. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Playing around with new tools

  1. You know, your site has become quite popular and the Badger buy price is going spastic in Jita. Curse you!


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