Maxing out again

Net worth is up to about 32m, not counting ships. I really need to find a good tool to show my net worth. Might see what I can do with jEveAssets.

The skillbooks trade is really becoming a no-brainer for me. Take Astrometrics for example. The book is ‘worth’ 405,000 isk, as that is what it is sold at schools for by NPC corps. However, it is given to tutorial goers for free, who then may choose to use it or to sell it. I’m buying it on buy orders for 101,000.02 isk, as you can see above. I then ship them to Rens and sell them for nearly 700,000 isk, where players buy it at a premium so they don’t have to travel to the nearest school.

The same is the case with the ships. I’m not entirely sure why they sell at the schools, unless it is to replace them. But I’m buying them locally and selling them at the same school for up to 3 times the price. I’ll probably keep buying them for as long as I’m interested, as when I have a larger cargo ship I can haul them to tradehubs where industrialists will buy them to turn into t2 ships.

Anyway, back to bed!



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