Market Tool of the Week: EVE Isk Per Hour

EVE Isk Per Hour(Eveiph) is hands down the best tool I’ve ever used to make isk in New Eden. It is a market helper program that is able to do a great deal of the work that is typically done by a traders spreadsheet. I’ve used it to go from a 200m/month trading income to 3b/month on my main trading character.

Above you can see the blueprint manufacturing page which is located on the first tab of Eveiph. Here you can see the components required to make an item, the settings for the blueprint, and a brief market analysis of what you can expect to make manufacturing the item and selling it at the market you’ve selected. You can enter the amount of runs you want to make, the ME and PE of your blueprint and click add to shopping list, and it will be added to a list of items to purchase when you are next at a trade hub.

This is your price management tab, the second one at the top of the screen. Here you can set prices manually, import them in bulk from a market site, set your market and what type of prices you want. Typically I use minimum sell for convenience, but you can save isk and increase your profit margins by selecting max buy for raw mats and min sell for items.

Here is the manufacturing page, the third tab on the top. This is where I get most of my value from the program. You can pick your settings to investigate a type of market, such as tech 1 drones or tech 2 rigs, hit calculate, and after a few moments it will spit out leads for what markets can make you shiny shiny isk. Above I have chosen all of tech 1 production, buying the components off market(instead of making them), and told it to only show me items I can build. I’ve used the data output to pick a nice market, Hornet EC-300 drones, which I’ll manufacture soon. The SVR on the right tells you the market volume of the item in question, that is, how much active an item it is. Scourge missiles are a very active market, smartbombs are a very quiet market.

Picking active markets is nice, but it will mean that you get undercut a lot by the competition. Quieter markets will mean it takes longer to sell the items and get a return on your investment, but you’ll have to engage in less .01 battles. The market can also change with changes to the game, so quieter markets do have an element of risk there.

Keep in mind that Eveiph is a tool. Do not blindly trust what it says. Use it to find leads, then research them properly before investing. A fool and his isk are easily parted. For instance:

Above is a lead generated by Eveiph for the Damage Control I item, looking at the Rens market. 4.7m profit for a 300k isk investment! Lets investigate further:

Notice the difference in amount of orders, and the high sell price? Someone has bought out almost all the Damage Control Is in the region and relisted them at a significantly higher price, making isk by artificially raising the price of the item. But, they cannot control the supply of the item, some of which comes from missions:

As you can see, people have listed the item at lower prices already but Eveiph’s market sources haven’t caught up. Always research your market before investing.

Here is the shopping list:

I copy the list onto my clipboard and put it into an in-game note to make shopping easier.

There are other sections of the program that I don’t use: Datacore, Reactions and Mining calculators. They might be useful to you, but they aren’t particularly to me.

I’ll be covering a program weekly. Please make a suggestion in the comments if you think there is a tool that is useful, or something you would like covered.



8 thoughts on “Market Tool of the Week: EVE Isk Per Hour

  1. You should include a link directly to the programs that you review instead of leaving me to google it 😉

    Apologies if I’m just dumb and can’t see it!

  2. EveMentat is my other favorite program for market orders. You had asked about a program to show your net worth, and that’s it.

  3. Spent so long making my spreadsheet only to have iph come along being everything mine wanted to be. Great job i love it

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