Skill Choices – Ships

As a starting trader and maybe an industrialist, one of the most useful ships you’re going to have is going to be an Industrial Ship. These big, slow vessels have one feature in mind: cargo space. Until you get into a larger ship such as a freighter, Transport Ship or Orca you are going to be spending a lot of time in an indy.

Now remember this is Eve, you’re not locked into flying your racial ship. My main is a Caldari who flies Gallentean ships for the Amarr navy. He has identity issues. Anyway, the industrials produced by the four different races each have their own advantages and drawbacks. In a nutshell, the advantages are:

Amarr: Pretty. Lots of cargo for low skillpoint investment.

Caldari: No real advantages, longer train for the Badger Mk2 than the Bestower for less cargo space.

Gallente: Most cargo + new hull for every rank of Gallente Industrial. Also, longship is long.

Minmatar: Fastest. 2nd most cargo.

You can find a great Eve University guide for selecting and training these ships here.

Minmatari Tier 3 Industrial, the Mammoth

I’ve chosen to go with Minmatar for two reasons. One, the Mammoth is the fastest of the top tier tech 1 industrials. If you’re ever carrying a load that isn’t full, it is the optimal choice. Two, the Fenrir, the Minmatar Freighter, is the fastest Freighter as well. Its rare for my to carry a full freighter load on my main using my Caldari Freighter, the Charon. Also, I get a bit of a head start on it as I have Minmatar Frigate already, being a Minmatari podpilot. Freighter selection is covered a bit here.

Minmatari Freighter, the Fenrir 

All in all I’m quite happy with it except for one thing… the delay in training Minmatar Industrial to 4 to fly the Mammoth!



3 thoughts on “Skill Choices – Ships

  1. You forgot one advantage to the Caldari Industrials. The Badger mk. 2 has the potentially best tank of any Industrial, having 6 Medium slots and 5 Low slots, giving it potentially a 14-slot Shield Tank, if you add rigs and sacrifice your potential for increasing cargohold. Good for hauling smaller amounts of goods (up to little more than 5000m3) through less secure space.
    Just trying to help improve this guide 🙂

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