My very first buy order

I’ve played through the tutorial agents to get some starting capital and free goodies.

I noticed that there is a very nice market available on the Thrasher, the Minmatar Destroyer.



I’m buying for 531k and they are selling for 880k in the same station. In Rens they sell for 974k. The only issue is hauling them, as they’re 5000m3 each. According to EveMarketeer they refine down to 651k and 793m3 with a perfect refine.

Its not ideal but its a nice way to get my capital working while I beaver away raising isk!



3 thoughts on “My very first buy order

  1. Hey I love this series, and I’m wondering how you find good markets without clicking on every possible item and comparing all the different prices, or is that what you did?

    • I do a combination of clicking on random items and using tools such as Eve-marketdata’s stock station tool to suggest item that would be a good choice. I’d suggest sticking to Eve-marketdatas tools and keeping an eye on the volume of an item if you’re just getting started. The higher volume the better.

      • Thank you, I just checked it out and its great! Also thanks again for the blogs, its helping me get started in EVE trading a lot 😀

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