Starting off

If you’re just creating your trade alt for the first time, you have a few considerations ahead of you.

Alt Creation

First, why do you need an alt? Your main character could use those SP!

The reason you use an alt is largely location based. Your main will likely be running around doing incursions or missions or whatever you do for fun in New Eden. By using an alt you can sit on a trade hub or in your manufacturing base and not lose a bunch of time and profitability in transit to whatever else you do. Further, you can track your profits and progress far easier if they are segregated from your income and expenditure on your main.

The downsides are that if your alt is on the same account you will double up on some SP expenditure on core skills. This has a small element of waste to it if you look at the value of your account as a whole. Of course, this isn’t an issue if you’re doing this on a second account.


The first is this: What race should I be?

Picking a race and gender gives you a wide variety of options on how your character looks. In Eve Online you can pilot any ship if you have the skills for it, so your starting race doesn’t lock you into anything… beyond how your portrait looks. The only bearing it has beyond that is what some of your skillpoints are invested in to begin with, such as Minmatar Frigate, and what your starting location is.

The starting location part is probably the most significant as far as this blog is concerned, as the way we’ll start making money is by buying up items at the newbie schools and shipping them to better markets. Your choice of which school to start at will affect this, with the naval academies likely being the most popular. You can confirm this by going to Dotlan and looking at the region view for ships and pod kills within the last 24 hours. Anything in highsec with a massive spike of ship kills is probably a school system, as you lose at least 2 ships in the school missions. A good example is in Heimatar where you can see Hadaugago is the school system, using the above method. If in doubt, look at the pod kills for that system. The school system will likely have no pod kills or close to none, while a lowsec pvp system like Amamake will have tons.

I chose Minmatar as my alts race as my main flies Gallente and Angel pirate ships, and my other alt flies Caldari and Amarr. I have a big hole in my knowledge about Minmatar ships and this is a good opportunity to fill it. Minmatar ships are generally the most popular for PvP so more knowledge here will mean more markets that I get involved in without being blind to potential risks like buying the wrong items to trade. And that leads us onto…


Where you are based will dictate what markets you can easily and profitably get involved in. If you stay near a newbie school, you can probably get plenty of ships and skillbooks to sell in trade hubs. If you stay near a mission hub, you’ll no doubt be able to buy tons of mission loot and salvage to haul around, or reprocess into minerals to sell. If you want to base at a trade hub you’ll flip items all day to make profit. Figuring this out now will help make your path easier to see, and your skill training more efficient toward that end.

I’ll be focusing on a newbie school to start with, then moving onto hauling and manufacturing.

The next post will cover planning out your skill path in Evemon, and my very first buy order!



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