The purpose of this blog

Hi there,

I’m a recently mildly successful Eve industrialist and trader. During the process of becoming mildly successful I had several struggles finding ways to make isk, and a great deal of setbacks. My efforts to research how to do this career were largely stymied by the fact that industrialists and traders do not like to share how they make their isk with anyone, due to fear of creating competition in their markets.   Further, capitalists don’t share their methods on how to make isk for the same reason. As a new player capitalist, this must be very frustrating.

I hope to change that in some small way. In this blog, I will share what I’m doing to make isk in Eve in with as much disclosure as I can. I’ll be sharing the items I trade, how I acquire them, the tools I use to find the opportunities and much more. To that end, I’m sharing an almost full access API key for my character in this experiment to the readers of this blog:

Api: 711880
Key: Pm5yBWlW5bYPwZwSW8gDmxbHIoCyLCmaYn5R2qNeB8621nCYm1HRHoqLrPLttGdq

Edit: Key is disabled now, as I’m doing other things with the character.

If you want to check up on me at any time, load the key up in Evemon or EveHQ or any number of other tools and see what I’m doing to make(or unintentionally lose) isk.

I hope you enjoy the blog.



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