Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Today I made three major mistakes.

  1. Flying with 200m in my tanked hauler. It holds out against Tornado napkin math, but not other things…
  2. Getting scanned by a solo dramiel and not dumping half to all of my cargo. I thought about this for 4 jumps before not doing it. I knew the right decision, but didn’t take it.
  3. Insuring my bloody Mammoth. This is nothing but superstition, but the first time I undock with it it got ganked.

Anyway, here is what happened.

With more capital than I can cover right now, I upped my risk threshold on how much I’m hauling. I’m almost at the level of engaging Red Frog Freight but not quite, and I’m too impatient for it at the moment. I decided instead of hauling 150m, I’d bump it to 200m and see if I got any attention.

I bought a few things, some Praetors, Sisters Core Scanner Probes and some 100mn Afterburner IIs. I loaded them up into the cans that have taken up permanent residence in my hold, and headed off.

Immediately, my EVE crashed. Just at Jita undock. Fuck. What a start. I killed my work VPN and reconnected, hoping that I got away without being ganked at undock while disconnected. I enter the game and my ship is fine, and it hops the small entry warp back to Jita undock.

I dock up to refresh my undock invulnerability. Ok, giving this another shot, I undock and wait about 20 seconds before warping to my insta-undock bookmark. I warp off to the first gate in my run and bam, disconnected again. Grr.

I get back on and all is well, and I continue my journey. A couple of jumps in, I get scanned by a lone Dramiel. This sets my spider sense tingling. I’m already over my limit… I should dump my cargo in a station and scout out. Hrm. Ahh, this fit survived two Tornadoes yesterday! She’ll be right mate.

I continue on 4 or so jumps without trouble, and relax a bit. I’m still mulling dropping my cargo off, but I have to go to the Doc later today so I want to mess about as little as possible.

I hit the Uedama gate and jump through… and on the other side are Destroyers. Lots of destroyers. And a Tornado. Hm. 11 Destroyers. Shit.

I hit warp to the nearest station, hoping that they’re all on some Destroyer Enthusiast Club rally run. Nope, I get promptly targetted and shots start splatting against my shields. Which are staying up! The second salvo hits and my shield alarm goes off at almost the same time as my armour klaxon. I see the big white crosses of CONCORD coming to the rescue, sweet blessed CONCORD, I take back anything I ever said against you! A few destroyers BLAP into beautiful explosions…

And then the third volley hits and I’m in my pod.

I warp off to the nearest station to save my pod, and grab a hauler there in case I can scoop the loot. Nope, I get back to the gate and all the loot is gone and the wrecks too. Damn, slick operation here. Here is the killmail. Turns out they’re all from GIANTSBANE, bar one.

I figured this was a good opportunity to talk to the other side, so I had a chat to them in local and opened up a convo with the guy who seemed like the ringleader, 2lost.

Here is the link to the battle for the lazy.

So, post-mortem. While there isn’t much I can do against 9 players, I was pushing my isk in cargo limit too high. This was a valuable lesson in trusting in the rules rather than pushing the boundaries. The extra EHP that I’ll soon have from t2 shield mods will help, but I’m not sure it’d stop 11 destroyers. At the cost efficiency of their gank, which 20m is pretty accurate if a tad generous, it’d be hard to justify anything over 100m a haul. The only price differential here comes from how highly they value their security standing, which takes a hit every time they pull off a gank like this.


I parked up in Uedama and started to write this up, and about 10 minutes 2lost pointed me to an explosion of activity in local. Here is what I saw:

And the screenshot that was linked in chat:

The Freighter was in 15% structure or so.

Maybe I’m in the wrong trade here… Heh.


My very first suicide gank

Well, that was interesting.

I’m in my Mammoth coming back from Jita carrying the following:

140 x Vespa II

140 x Scorch S

43 x Shrapnel Bomb

80 x Sisters Deep Space Scanner Probe

So probably around 150m worth of stuff in Jita prices. Nothing worth ganking me over, seeing it’ll take 2+ Tornadoes.

I jump into Bei and notice two Tornadoes on the gate. Hmm, this’ll be interesting, if they’re working together. Naturally, I’m scanned… then this happens:

Listener: Vincent Trevane
Session Started: 2012.03.29 07:51:43
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:02 ] (notify) DE JAVUU, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:02 ] (notify) DE JAVUU: You have foolishly engaged in criminal activity within sight of sentry guns and must suffer the consequences.
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:02 ] (combat) <color=0xffbb6600>1400mm Gallium Cannon belonging to DE JAVUU hits you, doing 3796.2 damage.
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:06 ] (notify) FlyingJ, criminals are not welcome here. Leave now or be destroyed.
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:06 ] (notify) FlyingJ: You have foolishly engaged in criminal activity within sight of sentry guns and must suffer the consequences.
[ 2012.03.29 07:52:06 ] (combat) <color=0xffbb6600>1400mm Gallium Cannon belonging to FlyingJ lightly hits you, doing 3065.6 damage.

I take hits from one of the Tornadoes, which drops my shields to about a third. The second Tornado lights up and I hear the sound of artillery, and I end up in about 25% armor. The next two seconds take longer than they should. CONCORD warps in, and POP POP go the Tornadoes… and I warp off toward the Hek gate.

I remember at this point hitting my screenshot button for the blog, but it appears it didn’t take. ūüė¶

During warp I find the nearest station with repair services, and once I drop out of warp I head off to fix the damage my armor has sustained. A 40,000 isk repair bill later, I realise there might be valuable loot on the Tornado wrecks and head back to the gate to investigate, but someone has already beaten me to it… salvage and all.

All in all I’d judge my fit a success. I might have been able to take¬†a third¬†Tornado in a pinch… but I wouldn’t want to bet on it. I’m going to learn Thermodynamics so I can overheat my modules in a similar situation next time. T2 shield extenders might be nice, too!


Market Tool of the Week: Eve-Central’s trade finder

Eve-Central is an old, unmaintained site. It has been around since 2005 and looks it. From what I understand it is no longer maintained as the operator has quit EVE, as if such a thing were possible. Despite this, it still has the best sell/buy trade pair finder out there.

You can find it here and it looks like this:

If you’re going to market to fill up your oxcart and want to make some money on the trip¬†to market,¬†then use this tool. I enter Rens as my starting system and Jita as my destination and hit ‘Search & Display’, and it shows me this:

And out spits a bunch of information on a shipping report. The first item, the most profitable, is as above. It looks solid, a nice 18% profit before taxes. Lets have a look further.

Yup, its there alright. The synapses in question are 6m3 though, which means I’d only be able to take about 1100 in my tanked Mammoth. 1275 if I put a can in there too. Ok, that’ll work for bulk items. I’ll buy that in a minute once I’ve found some smaller, more profitable items.

There is then a bunch of 100m implants for a 3m profit that I’m not terribly keen to run. If I had a freighter maybe, but not today. More chaff and low margin crap, making 2% on 10m. Ick. The taxes would eat that right up.

Basically, the interface on this beasty is awful but it does find nice deals, better in my experience than the equivalent ones on Eve-Marketdata and Evemarketeer. Funnily enough they all seem to return different results, so the diligent ones amongst you will use all three to find leads.

Digging through it I found this deal:

Which I bought 18 of. I then bought two Giant Secure Containers, which help give me more cargospace, bought the Synthetic Synapses and loaded everything up.

Its about 90m of stuff all up, and I should make about 16-17m on it before taxes. Thats a nice little boost for a trip I had to do anyway.


Annual Reports – lovely intel for traders

The Red Frog annual report has some wonderful information if you’re looking for where to operate your marketeering activity, or just looking for people to ninja salvage.

Specifically, the sections showing what regions and stations are growing or climbing is wonderful.

How to interpret this? Well, the top 10 destination systems are pretty much all market or missioning hubs, places where you’ll be able to sell decent volumes. The start systems are market hubs as well, and some buy order hubs as well. Osmon is higher than I was expecting… I was thinking of moving there as it always seems unusually busy when I pass though. Honestly though, I want to stay out of The Forge.

The top 20 visited stations are all good places to look for where you could base your operations. I’m unfamiliar with at least half of the stations on the list, and while I’m no bittervet it means there may be some real gems hidden there which you can exploit.

I’m staying in Heimatar for the immediate future, but this does provide great intel on where to go¬†when I decide to move.


Ahhh morons, you gotta love em

I was chatting to my new corpies about whether Gravimetric sites are ever worth bothering to mine, when I noticed a big uptick in my wallet, to the tune of about 300m in 20 minutes.

I went to my Eve Nexus to figure out what happened, and found something both pleasant and amusing.

Someone bought one of my 10MN microwarpdrive IIs, but paid 200m for it. I presume that they sorted the market by jumps and bought whatever one was at the top, likely in a hurry. I’ve forgotten the mechanics of it but basically the item gets sold to the cheapest one listed, and they get a nice tip to whatever the customer paid on top of their order price. If you ever buy something that isn’t the cheapest on market for the station you’re at, you’re actually buying it from the cheapest order and giving them the extra!

This makes a nice little uptick in my tracking graph.

I’ve finally got Accounting IV¬†which nicely reduces the¬†¬†taxes that I pay, but more importantly lets me now train Margin Trading. Margin trading reduces the amount of isk I put into escrow when playing buy orders. What does this mean? Well, with margin trading II I’m putting in approximately half the isk I normally would in escrow, meaning I am free to invest it in other avenues… as long as I leave enough in my wallet to cover the difference when someone sells something to one of my buy orders. This means I can cover a LOT more markets, even ones that would take a large amount of my capital to cover, and not have my wallet exhausted in the process.

This puts my net worth at 316.7m cash + 129.4m escrow + 1029.6m sell orders + 158m assets = 1663.7m isk.


Announcing Bearforce Academy

On discussion with a few people in the Goblinworks channel, I decided to name the new corp Bearforce Academy. Credit goes to Otis B Driftwood for suggesting ‘Bearforce One’, which was unfortunately taken(by a holding corp, no less).

Yes, I know the logo is a lion. Its the closest I could get to a bear. If it bothers you just squint at it and pretend.

I made the corp as I’ve been getting a lot of convos lately by newbies, new and old, requesting help. This seems the best way of doing it.

If you’re starting EVE or just a new alt, come and join us. I’ll happily set you up with their first cruiser hull and how it should be fit, as well as assistance if you need mentoring or just have a couple of questions.

Some people have suggested that this is pointless as Eve-University already covers this. Eve-uni has a pretty full on interview process however and is not suitable for some people. I’m hoping to fill that niche.

Right now we’re… well,¬†I am based in Rens. The corp will probably be based in Frarn for the immediate future, with a move to a suitable system close to lots of regions and decent agents in the future. I’m thinking Hek but not sure about that. Please assist in comments if you have a good idea.